The Garden Legacy: Perry Villareal, Ch. 3

Because Addy died on New Years Eve, Perry has to try really hard to be happy.  So he drinks his purple martini, while urging his teenage son, Grant, to join him.  He did, and he got drunk. Poor kid.  Perry wasn’t thinking straight because of the mourning.

They all celebrate New Years Eve, but it is a subdued gathering.  They never got overly excited and only went through the motions.

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And then this happened. ???

Grant was sore from all of the working out, so he took a mud bath.  When he got out of the tub, he donned his Dart Vader mask.

I am assuming it has something to do with this?

After school, he invites over a girl he met named Isabella Caliente.  He mournfully talked to her.

Then they went out to stargaze.  Could she be the future Mrs. Grant Villareal?  Not sure who will be the Heir, yet, but it never hurts to hedge our bets.  And regardless, he does need a wife, right?

Then dumbass, I mean Cymba, decides to play with the piranhas and slips into the pond.

Will he make it out alive?

I guess so.  Looking at this picture, I am gonna assume the good doctor is sick.  He spends quite a while with different illnesses.  Sucks to be a doctor sometimes.

With this moodlet for his troubles.

Family dinner time.  I love when they all sit together and talk.  This raises their social and I never really understood why their social ever tanks when they live with a bunch of people.  But they are good at ignoring each other.  But here, they are actually talking and being a family.  Mollie even turned off the TV so they could spend some time together without the electronic distraction.

We are still waiting for the Heir Poll to finish, but in the meantime, Mollie and Grant are ready to age up to YA.  First up is Mollie.  She accepts the trait of Self-Assured and also became a Responsible Adult.  I have to tell you, the Responsible trait can be good and it can be bad.  It is good when you have a shit ton of people in the house and can’t find the time to actually do your daily task for work, but when you have time on your hands, not having to do the daily task can make for a sim at loose ends.

Next up is Grant, and he rolls Insider and Responsible.  Again, Insider is not a favorite trait because they get “bored” because they are not in a group setting.  As an avowed Introvert, I hate groups and my poor sims don’t get a lot of group time or social activities, because it is so annoying for me.

Cymba invites his lady love over for some relationship building.  They were flirting and getting to know one another, having a good time.

And then suddenly, this?  What is this?  Just because you are going through a Mean Streak Phase does NOT mean you can take it out on the one person that I had picked for your future, dumbass!

Moving right along,  Cymba is waiting for his birthday.  He ages up one week after the twins, so we are just living life.  Then my game goes haywire and I am like “WTF???”  Grant, hey!  Grant!!!  Stop doing this!  We don’t know who is heir yet!

Of course, the other three are more worried about the fire at the BBQ pit instead of the one raging along Grant’s body!

Ok, just a little piece of information, here.  I have decided to alter the rules just a bit.  To make the game more interesting and challenging, I have decided to only control the current heir and the future heir.  The rest of the household are on Free Willy time.  At this particular point in the game, we do not know who the heir is, so I can only control Perry, the current heir.  Grant has to decide to put himself out.  I can’t do it for him.  What did he decide to do?  He put himself out and then put out the fire on the BBQ pit.  Thank goodness!

And now it is time for Cymba to age up, which closes the Heir Poll. Cymba rolled Hot-Headed (damn Mean Streak Phase) and Responsible.

With the closing of the Poll, our new heir will be… dun dun DUUUNN… Mollie!!!  By one vote!  Wait, what?  Mollie is not too happy about this situation.  Gen 9 Heir must aspire to be a bodybuilder and max out the Athletic Career.  She has touched the workout equipment just enough to have fitness on her skills, but she barely has any green showing on the bar.  Grant on the other hand, has already almost maxed out his fitness and he is on the last tier of the aspiration.  He is also Level 5 in the Athletic Career.  Mollie is so not happy about this turn of events.  Grant, too, was not happy.  But the people have spoken, and him and Cymba are out on their asses!!  Goodbye, guys!

Mollie reluctantly changes jobs from Tech Guru (she did manage to max out her Computer Whiz aspiration before the poll results came in) to Athletic and starts to work out.  She is not really happy about this whole situation.

Now we are in a bit of a lull.  Perry cannot complete his aspiration until he has a child or grandchild reach the top of their career, plus he has to max HIS career, which is taking him forever!  He is still only Level 7 of the Doctor Career.  And since he doesn’t have daily tasks for the doctor career, he has decided to upgrade everything that can be upgraded (he maxed handiness, whoop!)

And since he is kinda on Free Willy time while at home because he has maxed out fitness and cooking, I turn my attention over to our new heiress, Mollie.  She is working on fitness.  Not doing such a bang up job, just yet. LOL

And she also needs Charisma for the Athletic Career, so off to work on that, too.

There are no romantic prospects for Mollie just yet, so we will end this update here.  She hasn’t officially taken over as heir, she is our “future” heir, so all stats will be for Perry until he finishes.  Without further ado:

Perry’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: Waiting on Mollie to max her career
  • Doctor: Level 7
  • Fitness & Cooking: Maxed
  • Spouse: Deceased Dr. Addy Villareal
  • Children: Mollie, Grant, Cymba
  • Healthy Diet: Done



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