The Garden Legacy: Perry Villareal, Ch. 2

During the last update, Mollie and Grant became children.  They were busy working on their childhood aspirations, and since nothing exciting happened, I got zero pictures. Zip. Zilch. Nada.  So we open this update with them becoming Teens.  Mollie was up first.  She rolled Bro and received Physically Gifted for completing her aspiration.  Quick Learner was her bonus trait for the aspiration of Computer Whiz.

Next we have Grant. He rolled Cheerful with the bonuses of Physically Gifted and Alluring since he wants to be a Serial Romantic.

Because of EA’s weirdness, they went straight to the Makeover Chair.

And here we have them after the makeover.

Perry and Addy are completely in love.  So here is some Love Spam.

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Cymba spends some quality time with his Nanny, and his dad.

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First person view from a toddler’s perspective.  Perry wasn’t happy about Cymba spamming the Ask Why option.

And then he grew up to be a child.  Also needs a makeover!  He rolled Geek and Storm Chaser while receiving the TNT trait.

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His makeover.

Perry works hard to get his promotions now that there are no more toddler’s in the house.

And Grant works on his bodybuilding.  He is serious about keeping in shape.

Cymba does his homework, at first alone.

But then he realized that the twins are doing theirs in the bedroom, so off he goes to join them.

Cymba got the creative aspiration, which makes sense since he is constantly making messes.  And constantly cleaning them up, too.  Even in a blizzard.

The twins are happy kids.  Their parents are great people, both doctors, who are nice and helpful.  So when the twins get time together, it is always a fun time.

I was just saying how I would like it if we could go with BOTH sims to their jobs when they work in the same one.  And I pan out while Perry is at work and lo, and behold, who’s standing right outside the hospital?  Addy.  She is at “work” and I was able to tell her to go the bathroom, but Perry’s day was ending so I couldn’t see if she could be directed to do “work”.  Will try again on Friday when they are both at work again.

A rare family photo.  The kids are doing their homework, Addy is eating and Perry is cooking.

And then I got them a pond.  Stocked it with fish (the man eating kind) and had Addy try the Polar Bear Plunge.

Um. Wait. What’s happening???



“You want me to spare her?”

“I guess.”

At first she was drowning, and then after Grim spared her, she was then freezing to death.  I had to get her in the house quick and warmed up!

It took a long time, but she was finally warm again! And Perry was thankful to Grim for sparing her.  All of Addy’s needs were tanked, so she was focused on regaining all of her strength back.  She finally was feeling better.

Good thing, too, as it was Winterfest.  Everyone but Grant was happy.  Grant had the mourning moodlet for quite a while, even though I just realized he never even witnessed her death or resurrection.  It was Cymba that witnessed it.  And he was so happy his mom was still with them.  And for presents.  He snuck one, the little shit.

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And then it was time for the Grand Meal.  They all got together to eat.

And open presents with Father Winter.

Then Perry and Grant decided to work off that big meal.  And Perry took the opportunity to mentor his son on responsibility and satisfied a requirement for his aspiration.

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Addy went back to the pond.  She was determined to get over her fear.  It took some doing, and may take a while, but she was able to stand there and admire the man-eating fishies.

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While she was facing her fears outside, Mollie was facing her fears inside.  Her dad decided it was time to have “the talk” about woohoo.  Not a comfortable subject for either one.

On Friday, we ran a little test.  This is what we discovered.  Not sure if it is a glitch, but it is a happy one.  Perry went to work as a doctor at 6 AM, and at 9 AM Addy showed up for work.  I was able to direct her to do all things except admit patients into the beds.  And when Perry’s day was over, I couldn’t choose to stay with Addy.

After work, Addy came home and was really working on her fear of the pond.  So she decided to play with the fishies.

And then it was time for Cymba to grow up.  He became a Foodie Geek, who had the TNT, storm chaser, creatively gifted and, a new trait I guess, Career-Minded.  He went STRAIGHT to the makeover chair.

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After Makeover.

Addy was feeding the man eating fish, and she fell into the pond and drowned while freezing her tail off.  Dummy.  Grim wasn’t messing around this time and he took her soul before anyone could plead for her life.  Buh-Bye, Addy!

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We will end this sad update on that note.

Perry’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: 3/4 Completed
  • Career: Level 5 Doctor
  • Fitness: Level 8
  • Cooking: Level 9
  • Spouse: Fellow Dr, Addy, Deceased due to drowning
  • Children: Mollie, Grant, and Cymba
  • Healthy Diet: Always.

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