The Bachelorette Challenge

And what do we have here?  That is 100% correct.  Another challenge.  This one is short and sweet, hopefully.  This is the Bachelorette Challenge.  Sarai Rosen has been chosen as our Bachelorette and she has 7 men to choose from.  Here she is with her men.

Let’s meet them men and find out who they are and why they chose this method of finding a mate.

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Welcome Party!

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Settling in to the mansion!

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Group Date!

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The first impression Rose goes to Marcus!

The dangers of being the only one still awake. LOL

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Jason is the only one to check out the hot tub, so far!  He likes to sleep in it.

And we have learned that Marcus is a vampire, so he tends to not sleep.  Screwing up the fast forward for everyone.

It is One-On-One date time.  This is gonna be fun.

First up is Jeff.  He receives a Rose and a first kiss.  He is sticking around!

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Next up is Samuel.  He gets a kiss, but no rose.  She has to think about him.  They are not advancing as quickly as some of the others.

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Then there is Braden.  A rose, but no kiss.  I literally had to cancel the autonomous woohoo they had decided on, but I couldn’t get them to kiss.

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Francesco is next.  His date didn’t go too well.  He refused her flirting.  NOT the best way to stay in the house, dude.

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She tried to set another date, but she learned that the guys didn’t like it when she asked in front of them.

So outside she went to ask Jason on a date.  He agreed and off they went.  He seemed to be very drunk on this date. HMMM.  But he got a rose and a first kiss.

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It sucks having a vampire in the house. LOL


House Party!  Sarai had to pull each guy off to the side, away from the other guys to try and advance their relationships.  So she started with Marcus and after a satisfying conversation, she decided he needed to get the rose.

Francesco got a kiss, but she is not giving him a rose just yet.  Samuel got a rose and Jeff got a kiss.

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Jason seems to like the bar a little too much.  Doesn’t stop Sarai from laying one on him.

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And she kissed all the boys.

Francesco got a rose.

The next day is another speed date.  She only got to go on 2 dates because the guys were saying no. Dumbasses.

A successful date with Braden…

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And Marcus.  Though as she was giving him the rose, an old guy came up and started shooing him away!  Go AWAY!!!

Finally got a picture of Jason sleeping in the hot tub.  So far, he is the only one to use it.


After making the rounds, she decided to let Jeff go.  She gave him a kiss on the check and then told him good bye.

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It was time for some speed dating.  The first up was Samuel, as he had the lowest relationship bar with Sarai.

Then it was time for Francesco.  However, he refused every attempt Sarai made to romance him. Surprisingly, their romance bar was still pretty good.

And now for Marcus.  That date went very well.

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Unfortunately, the next date was such a shock to me, I didn’t get any pictures.  It was with Jason and when she tried a flirt, he pushed her and slapped her face.  And then started yelling at her.  Their relationship went to deep red in both friendship and romance.  So…

That leaves us with 4 bachelors remaining and we are only on day 9.  We still have another elimination coming up. Francesco is not dealing with this whole situation well.  He keeps rebuffing Sarai and her attempts to be friendly, not to mention how he behaves when she tries a romantic action.  I have a feeling he won’t be making it to the elimination time.  He still has a friendly relationship with her, but the romance is gone.  I will give him a chance because he was just bitten by a vampire and he caught his girl flirting with another.  But he keeps this up, he will be eliminated posthaste.

After the afternoon cocktail party (which no one dressed up for), Francesco was eliminated.  His romance bar was non-existent and the others had much better relationships.

The next day, they all went to the park and Marcus had to go home immediately because… uh… Vampire!!!  Which left Braden and Samuel.  Braden and Sarai started playing chess together and were working on filling up their friendship and romance bars.  Samuel was off doing something.

Some big shot celebrity showed up and that brought all these people around.

And then Samuel showed up and flirted with Sarai.  Well, that didn’t go over well with Braden.

And he let Sarai have it!  And all that work went right out the window.

Sarai sent everyone home and went for a jog to clear her head.

Solo Date Time!

She asks Samuel on the date and he said yes.  The date was in her room, because that is the only place she could talk to them without the others going crazy.

After talking to him a bit, she decided to give him a rose.

Black & White Party!

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We only have 3 bachelors remaining.  After some thinking and looking at relationship bars, Sarai decided that she had a much better relationship with both Marcus and Braden and sent Samuel packing.

Braden got another rose!

This brings her to the Fantasy Dates.  First up is Braden. He says yes, so off to Granite Falls for them.  They eat a bite and look at the clouds and then head on into the house for some alone time.

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When they get back to the house, she asks Marcus if he wanted to go on the Fantasy Date and he said NO!  So she kissed his cheek and said good-bye.

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This leaves Braden as the Chosen Bachelor.  She promptly asks him to be her boyfriend and he said HELL YEAH!

She gives him the final rose.

And because this is the Bachelorette, the proposal had to be something special.  So Sarai and Braden got all dressed up and Sarai asked Braden to be her husband.  He said YES!

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And in true Bachelorette fashion, they had a beautiful wedding!

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And right before I saved the game and got out, Sarai popped up pregnant!



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