The Garden Legacy: Perry Villareal, Ch. 1

Welcome, my lovely readers.  We are back for a more tame and easy going chapter.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the calm ride.

While the twins wait for the results of the poll, they are busy doing what teens do.  Rock climbing.

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Acting practice.

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Working out.

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My milkshake brings all the boys cats to the yard.

I don’t know why they were standing this way while eating and talking.  Almost like they knew they had both been engaged in naughty stuff the night before. LOL

Perry is cooking a healthy breakfast.

Perry met a new girl at school today.  Her name is Addy Redlinger (downloaded from the gallery, will update with “by who” when I get back into the game and can look it up.) and she has a brother named Parker.  Perry invited her over after school and they had a real connection, so Perry asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes!

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After building their relationship up some more, Perry proposed to Addy.  She said yes, the FIRST time!

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So as to not lose momentum, Perry and Addy immediately eloped!

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I moved Addy and her brother, Parker, into the house and now we wait for their birthdays to YA.  But wait, what’s happening between Serra and Parker???

Well, this was sooo unexpected (NOT)!

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So now we have brother and sister married to brother and sister.  Love it!  But what WAS TRULY unexpected was this.

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Hey, I didn’t say y’all could BOTH get pregnant!  At the same time.  This is gonna mess up the timeline! Addy said, “Don’t care!  Dance!”

Family portrait before babies screwed things up.

Family portrait after the screw up.  Notice the guys seem like they are smug. LOL

So with some massaging of timelines, we have Serra give birth to a bouncing baby boy named Weston.  Parker, Serra, and Weston were immediately moved out (after the birthdays to YA) because the heir poll was definitive in making Perry Heir!

Then it was Addy’s turn. Perry wasn’t too happy with Addy because she flirted with another guy.  But he was there for the birth of his baby.

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Or I should say, BABIES!!!  TWINS!

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You become a YA, and you, and you, and you!  Everyone becomes YA!  Addy and Perry both chose the doctor careers and start Monday.  Perry started at level 3, and Addy started at level 1.

Perry and Addy share a delicious meal of Tilapia together during their date at home.  Addy has the Soulmate aspiration and they are required.

What was also required was to Woohoo with your date.

Damn.  Three kids days apart!  Oh wow!  And we have toddlers!  Meet Mollie and Grant.  This is two of the three potentials for heirship for Gen. 9.  Their names are representing the Snapdragon family.  (I am not naming them weird names to match the flower, but a normal name based off the weird names of the flowers).  Mollie is a Fussy Gym Rat and Grant is a Clingy Gym Rat.  The look on Mollie’s face in this picture!  I was WTH is he doing!  I barely caught the change from smile to horror.  So paused to get two angles.  Mollie’s angle.

Grant’s angle.  What is so sinister about this little boys face to cause such horror???

Oh, he wants a hug.

Mollie is like NOPE!  Get away from me!!! She literally pushed him away and then yelled and stomped her foot at him. I had never seen that and I died laughing!!!  Poor Grant was so hurt by the rejection.

Because Addy needs two dates, Perry asks her out again and again they have the date at home.  When it came time to woohoo (thank God she was already pregnant) they went past their bed and went straight to the smelly leaf pile, which automatically creates a last exception error.

Moving right along, Addy has Cymba!  Thanks to the Discord chat that was all about movies for a whole 5 minutes, I chose this name because Lion King, helllllooooo!!!  But Cymba is actually a shortened version of a type of Snapdragon, so his name falls within the rules (massaged a bit).

Grant learned well from Mollie about PDA.

But he does accept play time with Dad!

Addy is getting better at playing with the baby.  Though this semi-god keeps forgetting that baby is there.

Harvestfest Time!

Mollie wasn’t sure about this slide… Though she learned that it was fun not scary.

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Reading to the toddlers!

Mollie is not a cheerful toddler.

Cymba aged up to toddler, but didn’t get out of the crib.  And that hair has got to go!  It is the same as Grant’s so it has to change.

Here is our toddler, Cymba!  He is an Inquisitive toddler.

Thinking skill!  Perry fell off the treadmill and Grant LAUGHED AND LAUGHED.  It was so cute!

We have our first TNT for this generation!

Mollie was right behind Grant and so it is birthday time!  Mollie got CHEERFUL!!!  hahahahahahahaha.  The least cheerful toddler I have ever had and she is a cheerful child!  The IRONY!  A new hairstyle will be forthcoming!

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Here is our precious child, Mollie, with her makeover. I normally don’t use the glasses on any of my sims, but she looks so cute with them on.  Look at those EYES!!!

First person view as Grant ages up.  He becomes a Self-Assured and TNT child.

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This is Grant after his makeover!

Perry’s Stats:

  • Aspiration:  Successful Lineage, Level 2
  • Career: Doctor, Level 3
  • Fitness: Level 7
  • Cooking: Level 4
  • Spouse: Fellow Dr. (Addy)
  • Children: Need 3, have 3 – Mollie, Grant, Cymba
  • Healthy Diet:  It’s hard to do, but I am doing it!

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