The Garden Legacy: Tulip Villareal-Datta, Ch. 4

Hello, welcome back!  It’s been awhile, so pull up a chair and let’s have a bit of a gab.  When we left Tulip and her twins, she had just got married and I couldn’t remember the guys name.  I now know it, and it is Kabir Datta!  Welcome to the family, Kabir!  Hopefully, you stick around much longer than the last guy. The children are working on their identical aspirations, each hoping to secure the vote in the upcoming Heir Poll.  They are both on level 3 and just need to max out mental and achieve that elusive “A” in school.  Serra has a “B” currently and Perry is still stuck at “C”, though he should have a “B” when he gets home from school today.

Tulip is sad because of some random death in the game.  She decides to buy an ice cream machine and make some chocolate ice cream.  That is kinda hilarious, to be honest.

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Then she tells herself a story.

And this is where the normal ends. For the next week and a half (to date), Tulip decided clothes were evil and she would not wear them anymore!  So I have a ton of pictures that are NSFW.  But I will only show the back end, which means this update with be of Tulips backside primarily.

She eats nude. She greets the neighbor’s dog nude. She showers in the rain nude.  She fixes the TV nude. She games nude. Cooks nude. Cleans nude. And plays in the mud nude.  Gotta love those Insane sims. LOL

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During all of this nudity, the kids are doing their thang!  Serra has finished her aspiration, and we are now waiting on Perry to finish his.  In this vein, they are working on his project together.

Even though Tulip has been nude at home, she does get dressed to go to work.  But will literally change back into the nude upon arriving home.  Regardless, she got her final promotion to Level 10 Gamer and since her size has blossomed due to her addiction to ice cream, she has completed her duties as the heiress.  As soon as the twins age up to teens, we will be having an heir poll!

The kids seem to be a bit uncomfortable with their mother’s nudity, but they take it in stride.  She will scold them nude.

And she hangs out with them nude.

And poor Perry can’t seem to figure out where to look when she is talking to them.

While all of this is going on, poor Abir is just going to work and fighting with the umbrella.  Every day, he fights with that umbrella.

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Tulip tried the Dragons Ice Cream. (Nude, of course.)

Just a normal family picture.  Nothing to see here.  Just move along.

Finally, it is time for the twins to become teens.  Serra goes first and grows up to be an Outgoing Foodie.  She also is TNT, Mentally Gifted, and Gregarious.  Her aspiration is to be a World-Famous Celebrity.

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And then Perry blows out his candles.  He becomes a Geeky Foodie.  He got TNT, Mentally Gifted and Gregarious and his aspiration is to have a successful lineage.  There is an Heir Poll going on over at Boolprop right now!

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Tulip found the wishing well.  Her first wish didn’t go quite as planned.  It may have had something to do with the fact she was NUDE???

The twins now have to do their High School homework and they enjoy doing that together.  They try to stay far away from their crazy mother.

Tulip keeps trying to be happy, but her sadness over so many losses in the family is making it hard.

And with all the rain, she can’t walk without slipping!

We will try this again.  Happiness, please?

A family photo at this moment in time!

Before the happiness that the Wishing Well finally gave to Tulip ended her life.  She died of hysteria.  You wanted happiness, at least you died “happy”, LOL.

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So much sadness.  Because Kabir was so sad, his work was suffering.  So he thought the Wishing Well would help him advance in his career.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  He was DEMOTED!  This enraged Kabir so much he died of Cardiac Explosion!

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I hope the kids learn to leave that well alone.  Here is a random picture of Death hanging out after taking Kabir.  The kids were at school so couldn’t shoo him away.  So he made himself at home.

Because their mom and step-dad were so unhealthy, and that ultimately led to their deaths, both Perry and Serra decided that they were going to eat healthy and be active.  Perry immediately cleaned out the fridge of all ice cream and sweets, as well as all unhealthy foods.  They got rid of the bar, and invested in workout equipment.  Perry was determined to be healthy for his future children, and Serra wants to keep her shape for her career.

And here is the new family portrait with just the twins.

Though Serra wants to be a world famous celebrity, she knows that the only way she can do that as Heiress is as a doctor.  She would rather be an actress, but whatever cards are dealt, she will abide by.  But she is determined that she will be healthy, no matter what.  And Perry wants to be a doctor so that he can help those like his mother and step-father become healthy.  He has no other ambition.  Regardless of the outcome of the poll, he will be a doctor.

That concludes Tulip’s rein as Heiress.  We will be moving on to Generation 8 as soon as we have a declared winner of the Heir Poll.

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