Rob Gadabout: Moving Right Along

Hello, my fellow Simmers!  Welcome back to another entertaining episode of the Gadabout Drifts!  We come back to find that Eva is actually taking some time with her son, Kolton.  She tucks him in and changes his diaper, and will actually talk to him now.  To the point where she pisses her pants.  Nice puddle there, lady.

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However, she does still leave him to his own devices way too much which leads him into temptation.  He is just a little boy and cannot resist that temptation!

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Rob spends time working on Logic and asks Eva to join him most every time.  And little Kolton loves to sit and watch TV while they play chess.

Kolton is so close to being a Top-Notch Toddler (TNT), and since I have never really played with the parent options, I have had to learn that there are so many ways to get the kids to their destination even when this Demi-God cannot direct his steps.  And it seems that when one parent does something, the other one steps up to help.  This makes the skills jump quickly!  And we don’t have a TNT!  He is merely a Happy Toddler. 🙁

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Kolton has way too much free time, but I have noticed that he will hide from Rob when making messes.  Rob tends to go pretty strict with Kolton about his messes, which means that he has to go around the back of the house so he doesn’t get into trouble.  The yelling doesn’t stop him, it just makes him hide. LOL

Finally, it is time for Kolton’s birthday and he becomes a child.  A mean child.  Hmmmm.  This should be interesting.

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Kolton Gadabout: Fussy, Mean.  Though he grew up with that trait, I think he is a pretty handsome young man.  Let’s see how this goes.

Hmmmm.  He is constantly yelling at or being mean to his mother…

But he is funny and friendly with his dad.

Why is your portrait red, my dear?  Oh? Really? You were hungry so decided to eat cake?  Serves you right, dumbass!  There was “excellent” food in the fridge. (She sunk into the ground for some reason. Weird.)

Seeing an opportunity to collect a microscopic sample and to milk the essence of his wife, Rob goes and does what needs to be done.

What? You are actually hugging your son???  Way to go, EVA!!!

Suddenly it is time for a couple of birthdays.  Eva and Kolton landed on the same day for birthdays.  Weird how that worked.

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Rob had to drink a Cowplant Essence for work, and he just happened to have one in his back pocket.  So he drank Eva’s Essence of Anger.

Just because he is a child now, doesn’t stop little Kolton from making messes.

But this time, he gets caught!

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No matter how strict Rob gets, he still shows that he loves his son.  Right after giving him a time out, he hugs the little bugger and Kolton goes into the kitchen and sits down for time out.

After time out is done, Rob influences Kolton to clean up his mess.

Then Rob heads out to finish up his aspiration.  He must catch 20 different types of fish and reach level 10 Fishing.

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At least EA is feeding the strays.

Oops, he is not so lucky anymore when making messes.  He gets caught almost every time now.  Kolton is not too happy right now!

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Rob?!?!?!?!  WTH are you doing??? Dumbass!

I got bored.

Some pretty pictures from the game!

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One goal completed!

And here are some pictures of the house.

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This was short episode, but RL gets in the way sometimes.  I hope you enjoyed this installment and will join us next time!



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