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Welcome back!  Rob has a beautiful garden going, but some things are just not meant to be.  Two of his strawberry bushes died overnight, even though he was very good about caring for them.

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Eva is in her first trimester and it is going rough.

They have a kitchen!!!  Rob was finally able to build the outside walls of the house and purchase used appliances.  He also found a pretty rundown cabinet, but if it works, it works.  No lights yet in the main room of the house, though.

Rob’s job is advancing nicely.  He never had a problem working, and this job is no different, though it is a bit more labor intensive.  He does get to read his gardening books, though he has to go sit on the bench down the street to read it.

Eva went out to help Rob, but she just couldn’t get interested in the gardening thing.  She would much prefer spending time with Rob, and if that means hanging out by the Garden, then she will.  Even while sick and pregnant!

Here is an overview of the house at this point!  Coming along!  They finally found a cheap couch and were able to afford some things for the new baby.  Still sleeping on the air mattress because Rob believes that the baby comes first.  He gets up early one morning and reflects on where his life has gone.  He had a very successful career that he left behind, donated all of his money to charity, and bought a tiny plot out in the farthest reaches of the country.  He had expected his time to be solitary, but then he met Eva and now they are married and expecting a baby!  He probed his feelings about the turn of events, and realized that he was happy with things.

I guess whatever Eva had, she passed it along to Rob, because he is now also sick.  Gonna have to suck it up, buttercup. You have no money for medicine.

Another shot at the house and the lack of a roof.

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NSFW Warning!  I never knew Eva had a tattoo!

Rob and Eva are always hugging on each other.  It is so cute!

It is go time!  Baby Boy Kolten, our heir, has been born!  Seems he was born with a dirty diaper, too!  I have never seen that before!

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Check this out.  It will be a rare sight to see Eva interacting with the baby.


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This is what I have noticed the most in the few days Kolton was a baby.  Notice that the baby is crying, and had been for a while, and Eva is sitting there enjoying her dinner.  Way to Mom, girlie.

This is a more common sight in this house.

These are some pretty pictures.  Rob went fishing in the middle of the night, and the moon was so big and bright!

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Our current value of the house after depreciation.

Another promotion means Rob needs to work on Logic.  So a chess table was a must.  Thankfully, they are not that expensive!  He takes this opportunity to play with Eva and she does like the game.  I have caught her at the table a couple of times playing.

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Eva got some new clothes, because Rob thought her clothes showed off too much of her under clothes. (Rob, demi-god, whatever, I just got tired of that damn shirt).

Rob and Eva are truly in love and love to be together, kissing and other things.

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We pause on this beautiful picture of Oasis Springs while we wait for the love birds to finish.

We have siding and a roof!!!

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Lookey here!  Kolton is having a birthday!

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Kolton grows up to be a bit fussy, and when he goes to talk to the stuffed bear…

He gets really mad when the bear doesn’t talk back and throws his very first tantrum.  The first, but definitely NOT his last!

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Rob finds that he must take the lead on teaching the young’un what he needs to know.  Eva has shown very little interest in the child, which is disappointing to Rob, but not a deal breaker for him.  He starts by teaching him to talk.  Kolton seems receptive to that.

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And then onto potty training.

Kolton has very little to do and his first instinct is to make a mess.  Rob tried the firm discipline…

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And when that didn’t work, he tried the strict.  Kolton didn’t like to be disciplined either way.  I jus’ wanna make a mess!!!

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Rob finds that his life has become hectic again.  He must figure out if it is a good or bad hectic.  He left a hectic life for peace and quiet but now he had anything but that with this toddler running around.  Will he stay or will he go?  We will find out next time on the continuing saga of the Gadabout Drifts.


Tune in next time…

Rob’s Stats:

  • House: $16,289
  • Heir: Kolton, Toddler



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