Rob Gadabout: Collecting

Let me introduce you to our drifter, Rob Gadabout.  Rob ran away from a lucrative career and decided to get in touch with what really matters to him.  He sold his mansion and expensive cars and gave all of his money away, except for a couple of thousand to buy a tiny plot of land in the desert, far away from everyone.  Rob is an active sim who loves the outdoors and collecting items.  Rob also likes to be alone.  He thinks the best way to get in touch with who he really is and what he truly wants, is to spend time in solitary activities reflecting on what his life will look like going forward.  Without further ado, here is our drifting bachelor, Rob.


Rob surveys his new domain.  Just the way he likes it.  No muss, no fuss.  Just a piece of land he can hang out on when he feels like it.  But he wants to be out fishing and collecting as much as possible.  He might build a house one day, but that can come later.  When he figures out what he wants.

Taking a deep breath of clean, um HOT, air, Rob wanders down to the nearest fishing hole and casts his line.

After the fish proved too crafty for Rob, he decided to go around and look for other things.  He realized pretty quickly that he was going to need at least a toilet and a tent.  And for that he needed a little money.  He started collecting everything he could.

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By the time he was finished with that, he started to get hungry.  Thankfully, there was a grill at the local park, so he grilled up a few hot dogs (why can’t he just grill a couple? Why so freaking many???)

Turning around he spotted a vendor of food. Huh.  He might have been able to get food from there.  Regardless, he saw that the vendor was a pretty lady named Eva, so he wandered over and introduced himself.  They chatted a bit until his bladder demanded he find a toilet RIGHT NOW!

Running back to his little plot of land, he realized he didn’t have a toilet.  He thought about it a minute and decided that the bush was a better idea than a toilet, so got one and plopped it down in the corner of his lot.  Then promptly used it.

After that pressing need was taken care of, he thought about where he was going to sleep.  He didn’t mind roughing it, so bought a little tent and after pitching it, went inside to check it out.  Hmmm. Pretty comfy.

At the end of the day, after collecting and fishing, eating, and then buying his two necessities, Rob had $72 to his name.  A good first day.

What will day two hold?  Let’s find out!


Rob decides to get a job as a gardener.  At least that way he will have some money coming in while keeping him outdoors most of the day.

He starts by buying a seed packet of starter vegetables and working on his gardening skill.

While traveling around his neighborhood, Rob had noticed several plants that were about to need harvesting, so after planting what he had, he went around harvesting from every plant that was producing.

He was able to buy a cooler and a sink.  His set up on day two.

After going around and collecting some more, he comes home to find Caleb Vatore waiting for him.  He introduces himself and after a few minutes of chatting, said goodbye to Caleb and he LEFT!  Thank God, as I didn’t want to deal with that mess!


The next morning, Rob takes a jog around the neighborhood and comes back to his lot to find out that he has been promoted!  He is now a Soil-Sifter.

With that extra bonus money, Rob decides that he may want some walls around his little campground, and starts by putting in a front walk and building a few walls that will make up the front of his new home. Rob has decided that he is going to build this house with his bare hands.  As he has the money and time, he will take the time to build it, and it would be small and cozy.

He spends his time fishing.  He is trying to get enough money to purchase a cheap computer because he needs to research gardening for his job.  They tell him this AFTER he buys the stuff for the house.  (But fishing makes him happy, so whatever).

Cloudgazing with Eva makes him happy, too.

And flirting with her. Could she be the woman of his dreams?  Could she be what he has been looking for all this time?

Only time will tell.  Until then, he must find himself before he can commit to a woman.  And right this minute, he really needs to find a shower.  Brushing your teeth will only help so much.  He said, “Watch!  If I keep washing my hands, the green fumes go away!”

Yeah, and then the sink breaks and gets dirty!

After taking care of those problems, Rob goes to bed.  Excited to see what the next day might hold in store for him.


Rob wakes up to another promotion!  Yay, he can finally get a shower!  He is learning that creature comforts are pretty important to him.

After his shower, he eats and then tends to his garden.  A good thing about being a gardener is that there are free seed packets in his inventory every morning!  He will have an impressive garden.  He is really having fun with this garden.  As a busy executive in the cut-throat world of business, he never had time to garden.  Getting back to nature has really made him appreciate the beauty around him.

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After taking care of his work duties, he goes back to what he loves the most.  Fishing.

After fishing all day and reaching level 3 of his aspiration to be an Angling Ace, Rob comes home to find Vlad playing on his computer.  Well, a friendly introduction and a friendly goodbye got rid of Caleb. Wonder if it would work with Vlad?

I would say the answer was NO!


Rob was able to build up his house a bit.  Look, Ma, we got windows and a door!  And an actual enclosed room with bathroom!

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Rob asked Eva over and they spent some quality time becoming friends and then romantic with each other.  And outside the door the whole time was a very unwelcome visitor.  Go AWAY, Vlad!

First kiss, a rose, a question, all lead to Rob and Eva becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.  Rob forgot who he was when he looked into her big beautiful eyes.  He had never felt like this before and he was sure that his wandering soul had found the answer to anchor him to one spot.  Not wanting to lose his new relationship with nature, he decides that Eva is the perfect mate to help him with his quest.  She was completely on board with this, though her materialistic soul was hoping he would be a huge success and make lots of money.  She dreamed of a big mansion with a staff to take care of her every need.

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First selfie as a couple!

Then Eva did something I have never seen from a person outside of the household.  She autonomously asked Rob for Woohoo and he said yes, of course!

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Rob invited her to stay the night, which she accepted.  In the morning, he took a chance that they were close enough to pop the question!

His relief rivaled mine when she said yes!!!

Then we had a quickie wedding and moved our new bride into the completely unfinished house.  Eva is materialistic, so this will be interesting because Rob has given up the fancy material things for the more simple things.  Will Eva stick around when she finds out he won’t be building a big, beautiful mansion?  We shall see.

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Even though they had just got married, Rob had to take care of the garden.  Eva watered one plant and then stood and watched Rob do it.

Rob, that doesn’t look comfortable or good for the plants.

After going around and collecting some more, hoping to build some more walls, Rob came home to have some fun with his wife.  And that fun led to the first heir/heiress on its way!  Rob seems happy, as does Eva!  Though it is a bit rough on the demi-God of this challenge to not control Mrs. Thang and tell her to go take a SHOWER!!!

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Rob worked late into the night to build onto the house.  And we now have two rooms and a bathroom enclosed!  Some lights have gone up, too.  Eva is sure this is just the first of at least 3 floors.

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Rob and Eva spend a quiet night chatting and hugging it out.  Eva looks at her husband and sees a prosperous future.  Rob looks at a beautiful set of bre uh, eyes.

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We are going to end this update here.  Tune in next time to see if we have an heir or an heiress!  And if Rob and Eva figure out that they have different goals in life.


Until next time…

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