The Garden Legacy: Tulip Villareal, Ch. 3

Welcome back to the adventures of Tulip and her life.  Tulip gets this really weird moodlet while reading a story to Perry.  There is no one in the house but Tulip and the twins.  Does she know something I don’t???

Tulip goes to work and hires a nanny to come sit with the twins.  He really does a great job with them.  He is always taking care of them and socializing with them.  Much better than in previous games, where a nanny did everything BUT take of the kids.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the toddlers.  They both became Top-Notch Toddlers, and there really were no exciting events that took place.  Kinda boring for this part.  So no pictures.  We will move right along to their birthdays!

Serra’s first to blow out the candles, since she was first born.  I love the look on her face while she is looking at her mom.  She seems so happy! (but maybe a bit judgmental? LOL)

I don’t know what Tulip saw!  I hadn’t seen Serra yet in this picture.

Ok, a pretty little outgoing girl.  Maybe Tulip was just shocked that Serra aged up pretty?

Now it is Perry’s turn to blow out the candles.  I don’t have a favorite for heir yet, so let’s see if I can find one with these two during the child stage.

And we have a Geek child!  Kinda a handsome fella!  But for some reason, I am not liking that hair.  Off to the makeover chair!

Here are the twins as children.

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These two play and do their homework together all of the time.  I just don’t understand why Perry has started in with the Mean interactions.  He is constantly rolling mean things with Serra.  Because they are siblings?  And this is normal?  Or is there a premonition that he may be Mean when he grows up?  Harken back to the moodlet that Tulip got whilst reading him a story as a toddler.  Does this game know something I don’t?

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And now we get some interesting tidbits.  Tulip was very low on hygiene and instead of going to her perfectly good, and WORKING, shower, she heads on outside to shower in the rain.  I kept getting flashbacks to James!  I was so scared! Crosses fingers she doesn’t get struck by lightening!

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No, she survived to call over this guy she knew.  She spent a lot of time advancing their relationship (didn’t take long, guys seem to like Tulip) and the next thing I know we are having a wedding.  I have to go back into game to remember his name, so for right now, he is just now her husband.

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And we are going to leave this very short update right here for now.  I am off to find that Drifter that has eluded me all of these years.  I know he is out there somewhere, and I intend to find him!  See ya next time!

Tulip’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: Complete
  • Career:  Level 9
  • Hubby from Gamescon: Yes and he DIED, but she married another man she met there so still legal!
  • Overweight: Getting there, she is nice and plump now.
  • Video Games: Level 10
  • Programming: Level 10
  • 2 Children: Twins, Serra and Perry

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