The Garden Legacy: Tulip Villareal, Ch. 2

Left to her own devices, and seriously lonely, Tulip resorts to playing on her computer non-stop.  Or talking to herself.  She is advancing in her career nicely, but the loneliness is starting to impact her sanity… what little she has.

Tulip skips out on work to head on over to GeekCon, because why not?  She meets a couple really cool guys, enters the Hackathon (and wins 1st place!), and then meets up with a co-worker.  He is dressed up and he is looking FINE!  Tulip can’t believe that she never noticed just how hot he was until he was all dressed up.  But, man, office romances are the shit!

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She invites one of the guys over and immediately starts the mating dance to see what kind of chemistry they have.  After one flirt, their relationship tanks.  This guy is so unflirty!  And then the next guy is the same exact way!!!  What is with these freaking GEEKS??? (Side note: I wouldn’t find that face attractive, either.  Step up your game, chica!)

Tulip decides to take a risk on the co-worker and invites him over.  After a few minutes (literally) of talking, their friendship level is almost halfway.

And then she goes for it and flirts with him.  Followed by what I thought would be a show of video game prowess, but looked like dancing. LOL

And their romance bar takes a huge leap up and the option for a first kiss is there!  So, of course, Tulip goes for it!

She asks him for a little woohoo and he said YES and they pass by TWO beds to go to the stinky leaf pile.  James Villareal doesn’t look too comfortable with that idea, but a quick kiss from this hot woman changes his mind.  (Then they both reset and they are standing in the leaf pile with nothing in their queue, so we try again).

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This time they go inside and go to the spare bedroom, because why would she go to her bedroom? That’s just crazy!  And Tulip IS NOT CRAZY!

After the woohoo, the option to ask James to be her boyfriend pops up and Tulip ain’t no dummy, even if she IS insane.

He says yes, and they just HAVE to take a selfie! Their first as a couple!

A couple of more flirts and the option to propose showed up.  Tulip prayed and then dropped to one knee and popped the question!  HE SAID YES THE FIRST TIME!!!

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Afraid that her man might slip through her fingers if she let moss grow, Tulip and James eloped immediately. Right there in the spare bedroom.  With her in her nightgown and him in those weird clothes EA put him in.  (First stop once this wedding is over is the makeover chair!)

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Now to check for Nooboo!  And we have a baby on board!  James is excited!

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James is a slob, but that’s ok.  Tulip likes to clean so they are Ying and Yang.  Perfect match.  (Guys, this relationship escalated within a couple to 3 Sim hours.  Their chemistry was strong from the beginning!!!)

But James had a secret.

James was an adult (I didn’t bother to check, dammit).  And less than 24 hours after the wedding, and 2 hours before the 2nd trimester, this happens.

Well, nothing I can do about it, I guess.  So James continues working on his aspiration and career, MasterChef.  Which also includes Mixology.  Here we go again!

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Tulip is getting pretty big in her 2nd trimester.

Video games rule this house!

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They love each other so much, they are always hugging!

Um, excuse me.  Didn’t your doctor tell you that you are NOT supposed to drink while pregnant?  Oh, just one? Well, as long as that’s it!

Another dirty little secret that James had was his girlfriend.  He decided that it was time to let her go so he invited her over to tell her they could no longer be together and to “just friend” her.  She took it well.  James then left for work but this little girl stuck around most of the freaking day!!!  GO HOME, ALREADY!!!

This pregnancy is kicking Tulip’s ASS!

And it is GO TIME!!! Guys!  Hey, SOMEONE!!!  I think someone left their baby behind???  There is NO WAY Tulip just had twins!!!

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Tulip with one of the babies that appeared in the delivery room.  Is it hers or the random baby left behind?

James is a little freaked out about the babies!

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But he is so happy.  I mean like VERY, VERY HAPPY to have these two little babies.  Oh, you want to know their names? I guess…  Serra and Perry, a boy and a girl!  Yay!

Like I said earlier, video games rule in this house!

Just a pretty picture of Tulip happy and letting me know she is happy.

And we have TODDLERS!!!  I quickly get them to skilling because they NEED to be Top-Notch Toddlers!  I will be having an heir poll to decide who becomes our next generation!

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Did I mention that video games rule this house?  Seems the kids are noticing that, too.

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Tulip spends a lot of time with the kids, despite the video game fetish.  As does James.

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Tulip goes off to work and James decides it is time to get ready for work by taking a shower in the rain.

Did I mention that it was a… THUNDERSTORM???

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Normally, my sims get struck here and there… randomly… without warning… and they shake that shit off and go on about their merry little way.  I go into first person camera to see what is happening with James and this is what I see.

Oh, COME ON!!! James, really???  You didn’t tell me you were less than a day away from elder and now you have to go and DIE from LIGHTNING???  Poor freaking Tulip. Can’t catch a break, it seems.


Perry came out to see what was happening, and this pops up on his moodlets.

Not only did he put himself in danger, HE PUT HIS SON AND POSSIBLE HEIR IN DANGER!  Damn idiot!  This leaves some really sad people behind.  Tulip got really sad when she had to get into bed with James there beside her.  She just wasn’t dealing with his death well.

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We are going to close this update with some stats:


Gaming Profession: Level 8? I think

Skill Levels Gaming and Programming:

And a quick look at our twins:  Perry and Serra

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