The Immortal Teen: Divinity Everlasting, Week 4

Divinity has been busy working on her painting skills.  The bonus to this hobby is that she gets some pictures to hang on the bare, empty walls.  Chevy is not much of a decorator and since Divinity is not willing to put too much money into the house, painting pictures helps.  The lighting in their house is poor, so it is hard to see them, but they are there.

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Since Divinity loves to write, she has been working on her writing skill, too.  This helps with finances for the house, because the small royalties are at least something, besides her part-time, weekend job as a backhoe operator.

Chevy spends most of his days on the phone, talking to who knows who???  It doesn’t seem like he is having a good conversation, but his mood is happy. He has the most boring life imaginable!

Found a nifty little app, and I don’t care if it is against the rules, I AM USING IT!  It is a banking mod from SimRealist and it is called SimNationalBank and I LOVE IT!

Divinity joined a club and they decided to meet down at the library?  I don’t know why my pictures are so dark all of the sudden.

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Even though Divinity is pretty well knowledgeable about woohoo, Chevy felt he needed to give her the “talk.”  Her facial expressions are hilarious!  And Chevy did NOT look like he was having any fun with this conversation, either!

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Chevy and Wolfgang have formed a very weird relationship.  Chevy invited him over and Divinity was mortified!

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Another painting!

Divinity invited Lucas Munch over for a little fun. Then decided to paint some more.

The next day, Lucas was having his birthday party and he invited Divinity over as his guest.  His girlfriend and his wife at the same party.  Makes for a bit of an awkward time.  Divinity begged Lucas to leave his wife and he finally said yes!!

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Divinity did some exploring and realized that Lucas had MONEY!  He might be just what she needs to get out of Chevy’s house.  Though they are BFF’s, she just didn’t like living with him.  However, Lucas was now a young adult and Divinity was still a teen.  She was conflicted on where their relationship would go.  He seems enamored and she does like the way he woohoo’s. And the MONEY!

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Divinity goes home after the party and the house is a WRECK!!!  She is fuming as she cleans up after that pig that she lives with!

Lucas invites Divinity to a Dance Party down at the Ruins and she is happy to go!  Even though someone else should have maybe stayed at home?

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Divinity is having a blast dancing the night away, until the music stops for some reason!

Turns out there is some hot shot celebrity who decided to come to this little dance party.  And, of course, everyone has to fawn over him and that includes the damn DJ!

So Divinity goes to the bar and orders herself a drink.

And sits out on a rock while the others make fools of themselves!

Someone decided that she had the right idea and came to keep her company!  They were both very irritated that their fun was interrupted by a damn celebrity!  Stay with your kind, dude!

About that time, the drink hits home.  That wasn’t water in that drink!  So Divinity got a little drunk!

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And then the music started again and Divinity had a blast dancing the night away!

Sneaking home, Chevy was waiting for her.  He gave her a disapproving stare, but didn’t say anything.  She slipped past him to her room to sleep for a minute before she had to be at school.

So, it has come to my attention that I don’t read instructions very well.  Divinity has been fishing for 3 solid weeks and counting every fish that she has caught.  However!  She was supposed to KEEP one fish of each kind in a bowl.  Well. Now that I know that, I have started collecting fish again and putting them in an aquarium.  So here are the ones she has caught plus some that are not pictured.  She has actually caught and kept about 5 or 6.  These two are the treefish and the pufferfish.


  • Job: Backhoe Operator
  • BFF: Chevy Laggard
  • BF: 3/4
  • Friends: 4/13
  • Money: 10,000
  • Frogs: 3/13 (I didn’t know I was supposed to keep these too.  Not much on keeping collections so I have just been selling them!)
  • Fish: 5/13
  • Books: 3/13
  • Pictures: 6/13
  • Recipes: 13/13
  • Skills: 13/13
  • Plants: 7/13
  • Parties: 3/13




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