The Garden Legacy: Tulip Shepard, Ch. 1

Wow, we have made it to generation 7!  A little about Tulip’s rules and story, as it is written in the original.

  • Aspiration: Computer Whiz
  • Traits: Lazy, Squeamish, Slob Insane, Foodie, Good
  • Berry Color:  Grape Purple

You grew up confused and conflicted about your parent’s relationship.  This made you a troubled child who had to visit many therapists and doctors.  You found comfort in video games and rely on them throughout your life.  The rest of the story:  Therapists and doctors never saw the root of your insanity, or how that would feed the rage that began to grow in you as early as two.  They would never guess to what lengths you would go to be free of that which enraged you.  This rage and your actions have alienated you from the world, if only in your own mind.  You only feel comfortable sitting in front of a computer or playing a game.  Your relationship with your siblings have suffered, and will continue to suffer, as you meet up for big moments and the guilt that eats at all three of you wears through the thin layer of civility.  Soon, those relationship will fade as you all try to avoid thinking about the horror you have visited upon the person who gave all three of you life.  Though she is gone, your actions will always live in your heart.  Your insanity will get worse.  However, you must press on and complete the legacy that has been handed to you and try to turn it back to the light.  Your legacy rules are as follows. Good luck.


  • Complete the Aspiration
  • Reach level 10 in the Gaming Profession (TechGuru)
  • Marry someone you meet at Geek Con Festival
  • Naturally progress into the overweight section
  • Reach skill level 10: Video gaming and programming
  • Have 2 children

Everyone had left.  All that remained was Tulip.

And in the quiet of the morning, after everyone had left, Tulip realized what she had set into motion.  The guilt was a living being inside her mind.

She allowed the emotion to escape through hard, dry sobs.

And then the emotion faded into the recesses of her mind and the insanity wiped it from her consciousness.  And she becomes confused as why she is so sad.

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About that time, Rembrandt called to invite her to hang out with him at his new home.  She was more than happy to say yes! But seeing her big brother made the memories come to the front again.

She tried to talk to Rembrandt about it, but he was not having it.  Not with his pregnant wife right there.  Tulip felt so alone.

To distract herself, she asked to feel the baby and Priscilla was more than happy to say yes.

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Tulip gets home to a lonely dinner.  She looks around, hearing the echoes of the raised and angry voices that shook the walls of this house.  She has a hazy idea that maybe she should change the house to better suit her needs.

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Then promptly forgets and goes to play a game.  A fun, modded game!  It was “Epic”!

The next few days are not as lonely as you would think, with her being there all by herself.  She always has herself to keep her company.  And Herself is FUNNY!!!

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Another invitation from Rembrandt, this time for his birthday party.  She gladly accepts and heads on over. The first thing she does is go in to meet her nephew, Jackie! She hopes to have some of her own one day.

After feeding Jackie and changing his diaper, Tulip goes out to mingle with the crowd that has shown up.  Nina is there and they have a light conversation.  Rembrandt is in the background getting tense, because he knows that his sister is insane and she could spill the beans on what they have done.

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Christii is also there, and Tulip meets her for the first time.  She sits and has a lovely little chat, with a feeling of guilt that she couldn’t identify.  It was there, but why?  What did she have to feel guilty about?  Huh.  Well, whatever!

Soon, Winterfest rolled around and Tulip wanted to have a family gathering, so she asked her siblings and their spouses to come over and spend the holidays with her.  They agreed.  So she put up the tree and decorated it.

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And made a Grand Ham meal.  When it was done, she called everyone to eat.

And everyone sat down and started having conversation.  Rembrandt, being back in the house that had such horrible memories, started yelling at Nina.  Tulip quickly stepped in and calmed the situation.

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Then she ushered everyone into the spare bedroom where she had put up the tree.  When she had decided to put up a tree, she realized that they had never celebrated Winterfest before.  And she was excited for the presents!  Everyone got one.

But Tulip was a bit crafty and had made sure that she had her party for lunch and not dinner.  So all of the guests left before Father Winter showed up.

Which meant that she had all of those gifts to herself.  Even the horrible ones.

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One of the gifts she wasn’t too happy with turned out to be one she loved the most.  The future cube became her favorite because it told her that she would one day meet someone to love and be loved by.  That made her happy!

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Back to the computer.  She took a job as a Tech Guru and she is really doing well.  She has been promoted to level 5, just in a few days of starting!

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New Years Eve rolled around and she celebrated it with Herself.

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Because Tulip had made a game app that was so popular, and had gained a little fame, Nina wanted to touch base with her for some reason.  Money, maybe?  They had all split their mother’s money 3 ways, so why would she think one measly, little game app would be worth a lot, I don’t know.  Maybe she just wanted to see her sister.  Tulip took the time to talk with her and hang out a little.  Not sure how much time they will be able to spend with each other when the guilt always rears its ugly head when they are together.

Tulip’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: 3/4
  • Job: 5/10
  • Married: Not yet
  • Overweight: Not yet
  • Game Skill: Level 7
  • Programming: Level 8
  • Children: Not yet






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