The Garden Legacy: Khasi Shepard, Ch. 7

Khasi finally decides to ask Tulip’s daddy to be her boyfriend.  He agrees, saying that it is about time.  He has loved Khasi from the moment they met, and it broke his heart to let her go.  Hoping one day, she would realize that love was the most precious thing of all.  Hoping one day, she would find what it is she wanted to do with her life.  She still hasn’t found what she wants to do, other than woohoo.  But now she just wants to woohoo with one. Jansen.  Giving him a key to her house was the ultimate declaration of love for Khasi!

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Nina gets to know this man that is the father of her sister.  She, herself, doesn’t even know who her father is.  Her mama won’t tell her.  She is hoping this guy can be her daddy, too.  He seems so sad that he is NOT her dad.

Khasi and Jansen are not the only couple forming in this family.  Rembrandt has found him a girlfriend, too.  Her name is Priscilla Caliente and she seems really enamored of our boy here.  He had his first Woohoo with her and he loves spending time with her.  Maybe, because she doesn’t yell at him.  She just wants to make him happy.

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Tulip and Khasi get into it on the back porch.  Tulip walks away with a smirk on her face.  I think I am afraid of this little girl.  The arguments have started making her happy and she starts most of them now.

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Christii calls to invite Rembrandt out to a dance party.  He was glad to say yes!  He challenged Christii to a dance off, but she won!  But then, she was always a Dance Machine!

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Rembrandt discovered that they would serve him whatever he wanted at the bar, despite his age.  So he started drinking Salty Llamas.  Man, were they good.  Until he realized that the world was a little fuzzy and unstable!

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Unfortunately, Khasi tracked him and down and discovered that he was drinking and she laid into him about how irresponsible he was and how he was in big trouble.

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Even though he was grounded, he invited Priscilla over for a little Woohoo.  She snuck into his bedroom and they got to getting.

Khasi knew she was there, and the next morning she started in on Rembrandt again.  She realized that he was much bigger than she was and he was no longer scared of her.  She had lost control over the boy child that she disliked so much.

Khasi had an honest conversation with Jansen about being noncommittal and he was not happy about it.  But he said that he would be fine with just being her boyfriend.

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Because Jansen is Childish, we can normally find him having full conversations with the stuffed animals.  Here he is lamenting that he had to fall in love with a Noncommittal woman who had no clue who she was or what she wanted.

She asked him on a date and they had a gold medal one!  Then they came home for some woohoo.

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I wouldn’t say that Khasi was a nymphomaniac, but she does have some tendencies.  Unfortunately, in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, Jansen is, or rather, was an elder.  Khasi lost the man that she might have been able to love one day before she ever got the chance to try.

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And Tulip lost her father, because of her mother.  The rage went deeper into Tulip.  To the very fiber of her bones.

Khasi spent the day sad.

But got over it pretty quick.  She called up Nina’s dad, Raphael, and tried again.  At least, he wasn’t an elder yet.  Woohoo wouldn’t kill him.  He seemed amenable to the idea of progressing their relationship, though he was currently married to another woman.  I guess, we will just have to see where this one goes.

Some fun pictures:

Rembrandt held a dinner party for his 2 sisters and himself.  Mom was NOT invited.  He got a silver medal for this party and it allowed him to advance in his aspiration to the next level.  Now he is just waiting on becoming an adult to go any further.  Rembrandt and Tulip kept having negative interactions, though, and I looked and their relationship is heading south fast.

This picture is a representative of how the family has divided.  Tulip and Khasi are together in one room, and Rembrandt and Nina are together in another.  I don’t normally take photos with the walls down, but this was just too perfect to not show the full scope of the divide.

Khasi’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: Complete
  • Book: Complete
  • Masterpiece: Complete
  • Song: Complete
  • Change Jobs: Complete
  • 3 Jobs: Complete
  • Never Retire: She is currently unemployed
  • Never Marry: She can’t if she keeps killing her BF
  • Children: 3/3
  • Relationship: Jansen, dead; Raphael, New
  • Love Day: YUCK

I do believe that is the end of Khasi’s generation.  If you haven’t found it yet, there is a Poll going for the next generation.  Find it HERE!



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