The Garden Legacy: Khasi Shepard, Ch. 6

Khasi spends quite a bit of time trying to rein in little Nina.  She teaches her about manners and saying sorry.

Then she says something mean.  She just can’t seem to help herself.  You would think she had the mean trait, but she DOES NOT!

Nina, of course, does the thing she does best. and then sluffs it off to dance.

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Meanwhile, Rembrandt is off working on his third, yes you read that right, his THIRD aspiration, Social.

Back at the house, a random elderly cat comes wandering in the house.  Khasi makes friends with it all on her own.  Over the next several days, I find Khasi outside playing with the stray cats.  She is not a cat lover, so are we seeing that she may be a crazy cat lady in her elderly stage?  Only time will tell.

Khasi sits down to help Tulip with her school project and things are going well, for a while.  And then that latent mean streak comes on out and an argument ensues.

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Nina spends most of her time crying because Khasi keeps nagging or yelling at her.

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Khasi does play with her, though, and Nina likes that!

Khasi plays with some random chick that showed up at the house.  Maybe one of the kids brought her home?  Or Khasi grabbed her from the sidewalk in front of the house.  All I know is, when I went to look for Khasi, she was playing chess with this unknown woman.

Rembrandt is still looking for 3 children friends so he goes off to the park.  It is disturbing to see a hobo sleeping on the bench.

But he meets and befriends all 3 kids quickly.

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Nina has been left to her own devices so she wanders, meanwhile a birthday is happening inside.

That birthday happens to be Rembrandt!  He is now a teen.  His traits are Storm Chaser, Insider, Outgoing, Creatively Gifted, Physically Gifted, Socially Gifted, and Essence of Flavor.  What I want to know is:  Why do my physically gifted children age up FAT???  He is NOT FAT!  He is muscle bound and has 6-pack Abs!  I had to slide things down a bit.

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Khasi hangs out with Nina and tells her some stories.  Nina suffers through it.  Poor child.

Khasi has to get 6 skills to level 8 and the only one close enough is Parenting.  I can hear you laughing out there!  I know, I thought it was funny, too!  She does some research and browses the parenting forum and finds out that she is doing it WRONG!  It does not make her happy!

It doesn’t stop her from laying into Rembrandt and he, of course, returns the favor.  They just have to be in the same room, and there are fireworks.  Tulip is in the background having an insane temper tantrum. I think all of the yelling triggers her insanity.  This is the Harvestfest Holiday, so regardless of what should be happening on this day, it is full of drama and yelling.

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Tulip runs off and hits the stuffed bat because her insane trait is working overtime right now.

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All the drama at the table does not even touch Nina, who sits on the couch enjoying her meal.

Later that day Khasi can’t help but lay into Tulip for something.  Let me tell you something.  If Tulip is the new Heiress, I don’t believe Khasi will be around for long.  There is deep hatred, fueled by insanity, that runs through Tulip for her mother.  I will catch her looking at her mother with evil intent in her eyes.  And I shudder to think what might happen in the future when Tulip is no longer a helpless child!

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Rembrandt has had enough, and he declares his independence from Khasi.  She laughs at him, and then she gets mad.  Of course, another argument.  This generation has been a hotbed of anger and resentment!  Khasi really needs to watch how she treats these children.  They will grow up one day.  Tulip, who is just trying to wind down with some dancing, watches and tries to play peacekeeper.  It is not a comfortable role for her, but she does try.

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Not able to bear the yelling any more, Tulip goes to her bedroom and has another insane flare up.

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Khasi tries to teach Nina manners again.  Nina seems to be soaking it all up, but she can feel the tension in the house.  She gets so scared when everyone is yelling.  And she doesn’t feel like Mama knows what she is talking about when it comes to manners and saying sorry.  She never hears Mama say sorry to Bubba or Sissy.

Rembrandt wants to be a Master Chef so he is working hard on cooking for everyone all of the time.  He has filled the fridge with a ton of tasty treasures.

And then it is time for Nina’s birthday.  Unfortunately, being a wild child meant that she only got a few skills to level 2.  Most of her skills were still at level one.  She will be starting a long stretch to either get up to speed, or to fall behind.  She was still not happy when she aged up.  This is the face she was making when she aged up.

Here she is with a smirk on her face.  She aged up to Love Outdoors and Storm Chaser.

Khasi’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: 3/4
  • Book: Complete
  • Masterpiece: Complete
  • Song: Complete
  • Change Jobs: Complete
  • 3 Jobs: Complete
  • Retire: Gotta have a job first
  • Marry: Not in the cards
  • Children: 3/3
  • Relationship: Not Complete
  • Love Day: YUCK





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