The Garden Legacy: Khasi Shepard, Ch. 5

Little miss thang posed for a painting. Khasi painted it with love and then hung it prominently on the wall!  Just in case anyone was confused on who her favorite child is.

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And we have a top-notch toddler!  I have found that if you let them go, they do it themselves mostly.  Yeah, they need help with potty training for the first level, and thinking sometimes needs a boost, but for the most part, I don’t force the skilling.  I did there at the end just to make sure she maxed everything out, but it took very little effort on my part!

Birthday time for little Tulip!  And oh wow!  She is so beautiful!  I see why Khasi was so in love with her! She grew up with Storm Chaser, TNT, and dun dun dun…. INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!!!  This will be fun!

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Tulip is not as enamored of her mother as her mother is of her.  Khasi tried to hug Tulip and Tulip was like “NOPE!!”

Tulip and Rembrandt bond a little.  Though this conversation had a lot of mean interactions thrown in, they still became friends.

With a Whiz Kid aspiration, Tulip needed an adult to read to her so, of course, mom had to do it as she was the only adult around.  That’s a forced smile.  Tulip secretly despises her mother.

Khasi had been so good up to this point.  She hadn’t been going out or inviting guys over.  Her whole focus was on Tulip.  Feeling Tulip pull away made Khasi feel lonely.  So she invited some random guy over, I think his name is Rafael but don’t quote me on that, and they got a little busy.  Khasi so totally didn’t care that Rembrandt was in the room and shooed him away like a dog so she could do her thang.

Afterward, she sent poor schmuck on his way with no remorse.  He was very disappointed that he couldn’t stay and get to know Khasi some more.  She was so ok with him just leaving!

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Unfortunately for Khasi, her luck runs true to form and she now has another mistake on the way.  She is NOT happy about this situation!

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After finding out she was pregnant, and says a few choice words, Khasi decided to help Tulip build her skills and work on her aspiration.  Meanwhile, Rembrandt is over playing by himself.  He has figured out how to get revenge on his mother for treating him so bad!  By being SUCCESSFUL in everything he does!  So he has completed 2, count them, T-W-O, childhood aspirations and has time to work on a third!

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Khasi gets a text message for dear old DEAD dad asking if she wants to come to his house and hang out.  Out of curiosity, I said sure!  And we ended up at HOME and Georgii came to visit in his ghostly form.  This became an event titled “Hanging Out with Family” and so that is what they didn’t do!  Everyone did their own thing until the timer ran down.  I love that Georgii’s ghost has steam coming off of him!  And he was happy about the new baby!  I thought it was funny that her bathroom was gross and he kept getting the vacuum thought when he was talking to her.  I think he was nagging her to clean the bathroom! LOL

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Since Rembrandt has finished both Creative and Motor Aspirations, he has chosen Social as his third.  So he asked a kid from school over and they talked a bit awkwardly for a bit before he left.  His name is Efraim, I think.

Rembrandt wouldn’t choose the Whiz Kid aspiration because it required too much attention from an adult and his only choice was his mother and they can’t be in the same room that long without fireworks!

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With the social aspiration, there needs to be some friends.  Well…. Rembrandt didn’t have many of those, so he decided to take over the club that he was in and that everyone aged out of.  He added Tulip and Efraim and they went to the Museum and while there, Rembrandt and Efraim became best friends forever! He had also filled up his relationship box with a bunch of people to choose from for friendships as needed for this new aspiration.

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And while they are off being kids, a new kid arrives on the block.  This is Nina!  Khasi loves little girls.  Especially black haired little girls.

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Doesn’t take long until this baby is a toddler!  Black haired little girl.  Just perfect!  However…

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I am not sure Khasi has the patience for this Wild Child!

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Sensing that he may have an ally, finally, Rembrandt makes friends with the little hellion!

Khasi’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: Still working on it
  • Book: Complete
  • Masterpiece: Complete
  • Song: Complete
  • Change Jobs 4 X: Complete
  • 3 Jobs: Complete
  • Retire: Have to have a job first
  • Marry: NOPE
  • Relationship: It might happen
  • Love Day: YUCK






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