The Garden Legacy: Generation 7 Poll



In this poll, we will have 3 choices for heir/heiress. Pick the one that makes your little heart sing. All kids got the Storm Chaser Trait from their Mom, Khasi.

First up, we have the oldest, Rembrandt Shepard. He has been the bane of Khasi’s existence and if he would just disappear, she would be happy. But is that what you want? For her to get her wish and he vanishes into the netherworld? Or will he hang around and create a living hell for her to live in until she dies? Your choice! Rembrandt has rebelled against his mother by being the best that he can be. He may have been a fussy toddler, but he grew up with some stellar traits. He is an insider with all the latest info on all the groups around town, plus he is outgoing and everyone loves him, with the exception of his mother, Khasi. Because he was so intent on proving her an imbecile, he also has completed three childhood aspirations! He is Creatively Gifted, Physically Gifted, and Socially Gifted! Because he wants to be a Master Chef, he was rewarded with the trait of Essence of Flavor! He is currently a teen and is a B student (Hasn’t been to school yet to improve that grade). Does he make your heart sing? Then VOTE NOW!

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Then there is Khasi’s favorite child Tulip. Khasi fell in love with this little girl the moment she laid eyes on her. She was an inquisitive toddler, so skilled up rather fast and became a Top-Notch Toddler with a couple days to spare! Yeah, ok, she grew to be an insane child, but what’s a little insanity here and there? It’s all good, right? She managed to finish her Whiz Kid aspiration so she is Mentally Gifted, which means she may turn out to be a genius! Time will tell! As a teen, she got the Foodie Trait and she finished a second aspiration so she is Physically Gifted, as well.  She also got the Quick Learner trait from wanting to be a Computer Whiz. Tulip may be the apple of her mother’s eye, but Tulip holds a deep resentment towards her mother because of the way she treated Rembrandt. I am not sure Tulip even knows how deep that resentment goes. A vote for Tulip will surely make Khasi happy and she will live her life, most likely a shortened one, celebrating that her precious daughter is the heiress. Does this sound like what YOU want? Then VOTE NOW!

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But wait! There’s more! The youngest is Nina. Nina was a wild toddler that has been driving Khasi nuts! Though Khasi loves her and spends a good amount of time with her, the wildness has just about driven Khasi CRAZY! As cute as a bug, but she is constantly challenging Khasi’s authority and getting into things and making a mess. Regardless of the love Khasi has for little Nina, she didn’t do anything to help her with skilling, so Nina grew up just like Rembrandt, not even a happy toddlerhood! She does love the outdoors, though, so maybe she can revive the failed garden this legacy was based on. Although, the next generation really needs to love to play video games and that is not an outside event. As a teen, she got the Lazy trait and Home Turf.  She is also Physically Gifted and wants to move to the city.  But if Nina makes your heart go pitty pat, then VOTE NOW!

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