The Immortal Teen: Divinity Everlasting, Week 3

Hugo and Chevy really hit it off.  They ended up talking for a couple of hours after Divinity left for school.  After Hugo spent the majority of the weekend with her, Divinity is feeling a little let down by her emotions.  Hugo is such a nice guy, but she just can’t make herself love him.

Divinity found Lucas at school and promptly invited him over.  Of course, she was enraged by the teachers at school, so had to calm down first.  Then took Lucas to her room and had a test run to see if he would be the man she needed.  She seemed satisfied with the answer.

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Once that was done, and she flirted a bit with him, he went on home and Divinity went to explore Sylvan Glade.  She caught some amazing fish, like the Pufferfish and the Treefish, and tried desperately to catch some frogs.  No luck with that.  So she went on home and ate and brushed her teeth.  Her hygiene was low but she had things to do.

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Like throw a party!  She decided that it was time to start meeting people and making friends.  She did make a major mistake, though.  All those girls she invited with the same last names as the potential boyfriends turned out to be wives, not sisters!  Flirting with their men was not a good way to make friends.  (I had MCCC set wrong for teens, so fixed it).  Her first house party at the Munch’s house was a Gold Medal event!  The stereo reward brought in some nice money!

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Once she got home, she decided it was time to make her guardian her BFF so that is what she started on.

Divinity then got started on her first book, a children’s book about a Turtle.  Self-publishing it allowed her to receive 8 whole dollars a day!

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And then she decided to paint a picture.  Her first was a large classic picture that she promptly hung on the wall.  Though it was a poor painting, it will at least go on the wall for some decorations.

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Divinity continued working on her relationship with Chevy until she finally got the option to become best friends!  Yay, now she has a bestie!  Even if it is an old man who is kinda gross.

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She still needed to take care of things around the house.  And since Chevy spent the majority of his time watching TV, Divinity had to take time to fix it when it broke.

The other thing that needed to be taken care of was her plants.  She enjoyed working with the plants, though the bugs “bugged” her out a bit.

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Hugo invited Divinity over to his house to hang out and she went.  But only because she wanted to break up with Hugo to his face.  She asked him to be just friends and though he was heartbroken, he agreed to being friends only.  She felt like crap for breaking up with such a nice guy, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

The next party at the Villareal house was a Gold Medal event, as well.  Why Hugo said yes to a party after she just broke up with him, Divinity will never know.  She didn’t get any pictures of the party, except the one where she was embarrassed to find out that Lucas was married.  Well, shit.  That will not do at all!  This is when I realized that I needed to change my MCCC settings, which I did.

On Saturday, Divinity asked Lucas to go with her to the park so they could fish and he said he would go.  During that time, she asked him to be her boyfriend and he said yes!  Even though he was still married to his wife, Divinity had decided that he had to be her boyfriend.  When their relationship progresses some more, she will ask him to break up with his wife.

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Saturday night she threw a costume party at the Goth house.  It was a huge success and received a Gold Medal as well!  Selling all of the rewards has gotten her so close to her goal for college!

And the last thing she did was paint another picture for her walls.  This was a confident painting because she was feeling pretty damn good about herself for throwing 3 parties and having them all be Gold!

Divinity’s Stats:

  • Job: Manual Laborer – Maxed
  • BFF: Chevy Laggard
  • BF: 3/4
  • Friends: 1/13
  • Money: 11,063
  • Frogs: 6/13
  • Fish: 10/13
  • Books: 1/13
  • Pictures: 2/13
  • Recipes: 13/13
  • Plants: 6/13
  • Parties: 3/13
  • Skills: A lot


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