The Garden Legacy: Khasi Shepard, Ch. 2

Khasi is so desperate for love that she invites over one of the guys she met at the bar the other night.  Maybe she can turn this thing into love?  Not sure she understands that a relationship starts with friendship and not woohoo.

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But when she gets pregnant, this one night stand is not happy and he does a complete disappearing act!  He told her, “I am not ready for kids!  You are on your own!”  And when Khasi tells her mom, Adelyn is seriously shocked and dismayed that Khasi would be so rash!

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Poor Christii just keeps her head down and does her homework.  She was so sad that her sister was screwing up.  And inside, she was thinking that she would have made such a better choice as heiress.  She can’t figure out why she wasn’t even in the running.

Adelyn told Georgii when he got home what their daughter had done, and when he got upset, Adelyn had to console him.

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They decided that the best consolation was a little woohoo in the sauna.  So off they went to relax and keep their bond alive.

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While they were out in the sauna, Khasi came home with a promotion to level 4 in the writing career.

She promptly quit, because who wants to give advice to a bunch of sniveling babies?  Get your own act together, dirtwad!  Finding a career that she could pursue was going to be harder than she thought it would be.  She always enjoyed watching her mom paint, so maybe she will try that?  So she took a job in the painter’s field.  Meanwhile…

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While Georgii and Adelyn died of woohooing in the sauna, together in death as they were in life, a very pregnant Khasi was trying to increase her painting skill for her new job.

Once she and Christii realized what had happened, they did their best to move through the grief and continue on with life.  Soon after, little Rembrandt was born.  And with a new baby who is quick to grow up to a fussy toddler, life was just too hectic to mourn for long.

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Sadly for little Rembrandt, Khasi couldn’t connect with him and completely ignored him.  Because he was a fussy toddler already, he took his sadness out on Christii’s project. However, Christii was there to help him redirect his anger and started teaching him about his needs.  That didn’t stop him from being upset or wandering around on his own, even during a storm.  He got the Storm Chaser trait from his mom, so storms don’t scare him, it just makes him happy.  He threw many a tantrums, but was at least cared for by a nanny when everyone was gone.

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Khasi was feeling lonely and wasn’t really happy about being a mom, so she called up someone else from the bar to help her ease that loneliness.  His name? Who knows and who cares?  He has what she needs so he will do.

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Afterward, while she was eating a bite, she told him thanks and to head on home.  If she needed him again, she would call.

After getting promoted in her painter’s job, she decided that just was not what she wanted to do…

Feeling sad and alone, she picked up her daddy’s guitar.  She really missed her parents and has come to realize that this legacy business is hard work.  She now understood why Sylvester didn’t want to do it.  She truly was considering letting her little sister take the reins.  But that would be the biggest let down of her parents in her whole life.  She must do what she had been asked and try to make this work.  Finding a new job would be hard, but she needed to do it.  If only to bring money into the house.  At least her parents were pretty well off and she could afford to take her time deciding.

Khasi’s Stats:

  • Aspiration: Level 2/4
  • Write a book: Complete
  • Paint 1 masterpiece: Not complete
  • Write a song: Not complete
  • Change jobs once level 4: Completed twice
  • Have at least 3 jobs: 2/3
  • Never retire: Must have job to retire
  • Never marry:  What??? Really??? Come ON!
  • Have 3 children by one-night stands: Are you serious? 3 children???
  • A relationship after all kids born: Well, at least there is that!
  • Never celebrate Love Day: Why would I want to?  Love sucks!




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