The Garden Legacy: Georgii Shepard, Ch. 2

Adelyn and Georgii have a stunning view from their back yard.

Adelyn has discovered her tablet makes beautiful pictures, so she takes it with her everywhere she goes. And when she finds views that give her inspiration, she draws. Even at 9 months pregnant! Speaking of, it is go time!

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And it is twins! Meet Khasi and Sylvester! One of each and they are perfect! Especially little Sylvester! He is so smart!

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Once they become toddlers, it is obvious that Sylvester is the smartest and brightest star of the twins. He has totally maxed all of his skills by the time he becomes a child!

I have no clue why Georgii and Adelyn decided to autonomously woohoo in the bug infested, rotting pile of leaves down the road from their house, but there you have it.

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While Georgii works on his music career, Adelyn works hard to recover the body she had before the babies were born. And maybe even lose that little belly she had before? Unfortunately, though fortunately, Georgii’s music has been gaining him some fame, and with that comes the need for boundaries to be set, as just anyone can come into their home without an invitation. Claiming “friendship” while they trash the house and use everything without asking.

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Time flies so much when you are having fun. The twins become children, and what to my wandering eyes do I spy? Is that a baby bump? The new house by LaPetitieFromage1 had a lovely little sauna in it and even though Adelyn took her birth control before entering with Georgii, the autonomous woohoo (5 times in the sauna) resulted in a bun in the oven.

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The twins are hard at work on school work and skills. They love to play chess together, and do their homework in a blizzard on the swings together. Adelyn and Georgii also love spending their time with the twins and each other.

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Winterfest is here!!! Christii was supposed to be born the day before, but because of the snafu that occurred at the hospital and having to reset the pregnancy, she was actually born on Winterfest!

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Meet little Christii. We had some issues getting her born. When it was time, I sent mom and dad to the hospital to have her and due to a glitch, I had to reset the pregnancy back to third trimester and try again. There were other issues that popped up later.

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And we will end this update with Christii aging up to toddler! A clingy one at that. Because the house was a two story, and the glitches were getting pretty bad, Christii couldn’t come downstairs even though her movement skill was at level 3, so we had to find a new house. I downloaded the house made by Klein En Knus, empty, and spent several hours decorating it and making my own.

  • Aspiration: Level 3
  • Career: Level 8 – Symphonic String Player
  • Piano: Level 9
  • Singing: Level 3
  • Guitar: Level 9
  • Violin: Level 9
  • Married only friend, Adelyn Jeffries
  • Twins: Khasi and Sylvester, plus one Christii


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