The Garden Legacy: Lia Pizzazz, Ch. 2

This update starts with some weird shenanigans and continues with more shenanigans. First off, we find Belle doing a little skinny dipping in the pool. Then she runs around the house naked. Finally, she gets dressed and drinks some energy potions. Being so energized, she doesn’t realize that working out over and over at her advanced age will cause dire repercussions. So we finally say goodbye to Belle. Grim shows up in some weird trendy outfit over his black robes. What?

Lia was bored because she accomplished all of her goals, so she allowed herself to get pregnant again. She had a little girl named Magnolia. She spent her pregnancy helping out little Georgii with his projects and keeping his grades up. She also visited with her mother’s gravestone to tell her that she was pregnant again.

It is finally time for Georgii to become a teen. And little Magnolia becomes a toddler!

And this is where the story goes awry and takes a turn for the drastic. Poor Lia gets struck by lightening. And it completely changes her whole perspective on life. She decides to take a swim, though she is still electrified from the lightening. This causes her to drown in her own pool. Leaving poor Georgii and Magnolia alone in life. Except for dear old dad.

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And this concludes the very short life of generation 4. An unforeseen tragedy that leaves 2 children to fend for themselves. What is in store for them in the future?

  • Aspiration: Joke Star: Complete
  • Career: Entertainment, Comedy: Complete
  • Skill: Comedy: Level 10 Complete; Charisma, Level 10 Complete

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