The Immortal Teen: Divinity Everlasting, Week 2

We start off week 2 with Wolfgang hanging on.  He keeps coming over and making himself at home.  He is always sad and then he gets mad and he continually yells at Divinity.  Wolfy is totally smitten with Divinity and doesn’t want to let her go, and he naps in her bed and eats the food.  Divinity doesn’t know what to do, so she just does what she needs to do, homework and projects.  And she also has to keep repairing things around the house.  And Chevy isn’t helping, he just keeps demanding his food and gets upset when she doesn’t clean up quick enough.  

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Divinity is working desperately on her gardening skill and her relationship with Chevy. She doesn’t think her life should be hard and stressful, all she has to do is make friends with Chevy and maybe he would back off of her. He does help her with homework every time she does it, and she takes that time to be friendly and build their friendship. However, working so hard can have a toll. Divinity spent the majority of this week sick. She is continually dazed with illness.

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Despite the illness, Divinity continues to work hard at building her gardening skill, because she really needs to get it up there to advance in her job as a Manual Laborer. (While taking the picture of her tending to the plants, I pause the game to take a picture and what do I see in the background? Chevy slipping and falling! Of course, my laughter backfired on me as Divinity did the exact same thing going back inside!) Being sick makes her a bit goofy, and she starts playing with her homework. But she sticks with it and moves on to her project.

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Friday rolls around and Divinity is feeling a little lonely, so she accepts Hugo’s invitation to a dance party downtown. And she is very much interested in Hugo for other activities, too. She knows that she could be made fun of in High School for choosing Hugo, but he is so eager to please and they have such a connection, she goes with it and asks him to be her boyfriend. He accepts and she is happy!

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Saturday, Divinity finally reached the top of her Teen career. She is now a backhoe operator. She celebrates by finally figuring out what that special tree is next to her house. She found a great place called Sylvan Glades, but before she could fully explore, it was time for her to go to work again. When she got off work, she had to get ready for school by doing the boring stuff, like homework and housework. And that brings us to the end of Week 2. At this rate, Divinity may be with Chevy for several weeks.

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  • Part-Time Job: Maxed
  • BFF: No
  • BF/GF: 2/4
  • Friends: 3/13
  • $$: 1,936/13,000
  • Frogs: 4/13
  • Fish: 1/13
  • Books: 0/13
  • Pictures: 0/13
  • Recipes: 9/13
  • Skill Points: 17/13
  • Plants: 5/13
  • Parties: 0/13

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