The Garden: Generation 4: Lia Pizzazz Ch. 1

Little Georgii has aged up to toddler.  Georgii is so freaking adorable!  

He is working on his skills, as he will become a child on the same day that Lia becomes a Young Adult.  And we want both of these guys to be at their very best as they are the current heiress and the future heir. 

Lia is working on her skills, as well.  She practices her Acting so that she can gain some fame.  She wants to be a Joke Star with the celebrity status that goes with it!

Georgii finishes up his skills and becomes a top-notch toddler!

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It is Birthday time for both Lia and Georgii!  Lia ages up to Young Adult with the traits of Lazy, Self-Assured, Genius, Gregarious, TNT, Creatively Gifted, Responsible, and Storm Chaser.  Georgii aged up with TNT and Self-Assured!

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Belle is working hard on becoming a world famous celebrity and she just keeps getting better and better gigs.  A soap commercial, which went gold, and then she landed a part in a TV series as a detective.

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While Belle is off working on her second career, Lia and Georgii were working on their skills.  Georgii has already finished his Creative Aspiration to become Creatively Gifted.  He is currently working on his Motor Aspiration.  He only has to max out his Motor skill and that one is done.  My goal is to complete all 4 Child Aspirations.  Fingers crossed!  Lia completed her Joke Star Aspiration, but she still needs to reach the top of her career. 

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Georgii is trying to find a friend, which is very hard to do when you are focused on getting every aspiration completed in a limited amount of time.  However, he met a little girl at school, and she quickly attached herself to Georgii.  She invited herself over, and then proceeded to make a mess!  She redeemed herself by cleaning up each mess as soon as she was done making it.  He continues working on his skills, while Gramma Belle cleans around him.

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Belle finally reaches the elderly stage of life.  She really does enjoy life these days.  Not enough to get hysterical, but enough to get Very Playful. (Dammit).  She spends quite a bit of time with her grandson, but she is still pursuing her dream of becoming a famous actress.  She received an Accolade!

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