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Lia Pizzazz

So we are going to have a poll for this generation!  There are 7 children to choose from.  The traits that they are supposed to have according to the rules are: Self-Assured, Goofball, Childish.  I have a randomizer Mod in my game so they all get random traits upon age up.  Instead of going in and changing their traits to match the rules, I am going to leave them.  I will update the pictures as they age up here and bump the post in Boolprop so that you know when they are updated.  My goal is to make sure they are all worthy of the title of Heir or Heiress so I am going for Top-Notch Toddler (success), to complete all 4 child aspirations (EPIC failure), and to max out their place in Drama Club.  We will see if that happens and I am seriously exhausted after getting all 7 toddlers the TNT title.  I created a YouTube video, I think I will update that when they become Teens, as well.  That was kinda fun once I figured it out!  Also, since this next generation is all about Sunflowers, all of the kids have names from the Sunflower family.  I will include them in the descriptions of the kids. So without further ado, let’s meet our children.

Maxmillian (Max) Pizzazz
Helianthus maximiliani Schrad. – Maximillian sunflower – much of United States + Canada
Top-Notch Toddler
Creatively Gifted
Neat, Cheerful, Gregarious

Navarri (Ari) Pizzazz
Helianthus navarri Phil. – Chile
Top-Notch Toddler
Physically Gifted
Self-Assured, Romantic, Gregarious



Radula (Addy) Pizzazz
Helianthus radula (Pursh) Torr. & A.Gray – rayless sunflower – Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Georgia South Carolina Florida
Top-Notch Toddler
Loner, Neat, Business Savvy

Niveus (Nivy) Pizzazz
Helianthus niveus (Benth.) Brandegee – showy sunflower – California Arizona; Baja California, Baja California Sur
Top-Notch Toddler
Physically Gifted
Active, Cheerful, Collector

Helianthus (Lia) Pizzazz
Helianthus or sunflower is a genus of plants comprising about 70 species.
Top-Notch Toddler


Arizonensis (Zonen) Pizzazz
Helianthus arizonensis R.C.Jacks. – Arizona sunflower – Arizona New Mexico
Top-Notch Toddler

Bolanderi (Bo) Pizzazz
Helianthus bolanderi A.Gray – serpentine sunflower – California Oregon
Top-Notch Toddler
Loves Outdoors

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