The Garden: Generation 3: Belle Fyres Ch. 3

New triplets working on their skills

Well, where were we?  Oh, yeah, waiting for the next baby to be born…. Did I say baby?  I meant babies!  Three of them!  Crap, 2 sets of triplets???  This is gonna be fun, NOT!  Please meet, Helianthus (Lia), Arizonensis (Zonen), and Bolanderi (Bo).  Two girls and one boy.  That brings the total count to 7 kids.  Four girls and 3 boys.  I had forgot that I set the lot trait to On Ley Line, so when the house had extra spots, it decided to fill them up with babies!  The new triplets are a handful.  She spent the entire 3 days dealing with their crying and wanting something.  She passed out more times because she was exhausted.  I couldn’t get her into bed, so I finally broke down and got a moodlet solver.  Had to!  I thought about aging them up early, nothing in the rules that says we can’t, but then I thought that would be longer with 6 toddlers in the house!  And since there will be a poll, I want them all to be TNT, or at least Happy Toddlers!

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Just a little toddler spam.  Ari, Addy, and Nivy are racing for the food.  I love their facial expressions!  Nivy looks so mean!  And Ari and Addy are just sad!  Nivy working on her imagination skill.  Shout out to Teresa for giving me the heads up on how to skill them faster!  I want that Top-Notch!  For them all!  I bet I get close, but not sure how well it will work once the babies age up to toddler and I have 6 of those bad boys running around!

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Max is not happy to meet the new siblings.  He wasn’t happy with the last set, and he was enraged with this set.  He goes off and works on playing the violin.  He has maxed creativity and satisfied all requirements for his first aspiration, so he adds Creatively Gifted to his traits.  Now he is working on Whiz Kid.  I want to get him all of those aspiration traits, but we will see!  I love that when he maxed out creativity, he is getting the violin skill!

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Overview of the whole house madness!

Finally, the babies become toddlers!  Oh, Lord, I don’t know if I am looking forward to this with fear or excitement!  But here we go!

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Our first set of triplets are aging up!  Let’s go with this!  Um, Belle, it would be better if you did all that inside!  I guess the mechanics of the game make it necessary, but whatever!  She does this with all 3 triplets.  Goes outside and puts them back down through the wall into the dining room!  All of the first set of triplets grew up with Top-Notch Toddler, whew, that was close!  Nivy just wouldn’t THINK!!!  I totally ignored everyone and everything else, until I got her thinking skill maxed!

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I do believe this is Nivy aging up now.  If so, they are out of order, because Addy was born 2nd.  Whatever.  They are all children now!

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Now it is Addy’s turn!  The style gurus need a fashion tutorial!  What’s with the glasses and the hats, ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME!!! It is one or the other!

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All of the kids have joined the Drama Club.  The next generation has an aspiration of being a Joke Star, so thought this would help them on their way!  And since both Max and Nivy are working on Whiz Kid, I thought they could get it done together, so they are playing their 3 games of chess to mark that one off.  We only have one computer in the house, so that will be fun to work on all of these aspirations that require computers. LOL.

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Ok, a side note here.  No pictures, because I was in full panic mode!  When Get Famous came out, I found the vault in buy mode.  Bought it and put it on the grounds.  Added half of the household money into it and closed and locked the door.  Other than a little woohoo by Daisy, I have pretty much left the vault alone with 100,000 Simoleans in it.  Daisy died.  I didn’t think about that vault.  I downloaded a new house (after putting everything, including the vault, into the inventory that I wanted them to keep) and set it up with the vault having its own room, etc. etc.  Then I realized that Belle only had 55.00 in her account.  Wait, where did that money go? BILLS!!!  I left the damn thermostat on!  Oh, well, damn.  But I have the 100,000 in the vault, I will just go get it.  Um… it’s locked and Belle CAN’T. GET. INTO. IT!  It would not open for her because she was not the one that closed and locked it!  She ended up having to break into the vault, with sirens going and everything!  She pulled the money and I immediately deleted the vault! OMG!  If I had not been panicking, I would have taken pictures!

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program!  Another picture of the whole house, now with everyone blessedly asleep!  This finally happened about 3:30 am! The moment the clock sped up, I paused it to enjoy the peace a little longer! LOL

Finally everyone is in BED!

Toddler spam!!!

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