The Garden: Generation 2: Daisy Maeda Fyres The Final Chapter

Saving all that money!

We return to you with the final chapter of Daisy’s reign as heiress.  We will be passing the baton on to Belle so that she can take over this legacy.  So, without further ado, here is the rest of the story… for Daisy.

We can’t talk about Daisy without talking about her mess of kids.  They are all doing something.  Even if it is making a mess, or being a bear.  The bear is Flax and the toddler is Sage.

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Daisy continues to work on her career.  She finally maxes out her career and can now take it easy.  Sorta. She still has her late to the game toddler to raise, a weirdo kid that wants to be a bear, and her twins that just need those A’s to get their birthday cake.

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Finally, Flax got his A so he can age up.  He did not age up well.  He is at the highest on the fat scale and the lowest on the strength scale.  Weird because his parents are both health nuts.  Sage was forgotten until her birthday, so she waited until the notification came up.  Tiara is a no, slicked back hair is a no.  Makeover time!

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Have to get some skills to get those A’s.  And they spend some quality time together eating and hanging out, or doing homework.  Get it, get it!

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I see famous people!!!  And naked people… What???  Oh, I removed all of my CC so I had a lot of bald and nekkid people running around town.  So funny to see!!!

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Birthday time!!!  Ash went first as he was born first of the twins.  Then comes Belle.  Ash is Active, Happy Toddler, Foodie, Essence of Flavor, Mean, Good Manners, Responsible.  He took a job in the Culinary field.  Belle aged up with neat, happy toddler, creatively gifted, romantic, domestic, scouting aptitude, and responsible.  She took a position in the Style Influencer career.

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Flax grew up with self-assured, happy toddler, creative, and wants to be a famous actor.  I don’t know what they were talking about, but Daisy and Belle were not happy with each other while eating dinner.

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Not a lot of pictures of the time between teen and Young adult where he got Self-Absorbed for his final trait.  He did go to the talent show and didn’t do that well.  He hadn’t been practicing much on his acting skills yet.  After the talent show, mama kicked him out.  He went to go live with Aster and Ash across the street. When he moved he had already shed some pounds and gained some strength.  Good going, Flax!

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Daisy aged up to elder and immediately retired.  She thought she would check out the pool for the first time, and since she had completed everything, I thought about seeing if she would drown, but NOOOO they can get out of the pool without the ladder now.  She then thought she might need to save her money, so she bought a vault and put half of her money in there.  It looks like a lot!  100,000 Simoleans is quite a bit.  I didn’t realize they had that much money until I started looking at the vault, and looked and wowzer, they had some money!!!

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Haven’t said much about Belle during this time, because I am about to start her very own chapter.  Stay tuned!


Daisy:  Completed all requirements except the 3 outings a week. Just wasn’t going to happen and thank goodness this is not scored!



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