The Garden: Generation 2: Daisy Maeda Fyres Ch. 5

Working on gardening skills

Hello, again!  I wanted to start this update with a cute couple of pictures of the twins.  They are too cute!

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MCCC has been busy.  The siblings have all had babies!

And then there were 4!  Meet Flax, our newest baby boy!

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Soon after Flax was born, the twins aged up to children and Rose aged up to elder.  The first thing she does is retire from her job!  AHHH the good life is here to stay!

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Aster wasn’t too happy that he had another sibling.  The dollhouse was a safer thing to destroy than the baby.  As per usual with Sims, they like to eat and do homework on the beds as a family.  Daisy finds time amidst her campaigning to feed the baby.

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The wall of birth certificates.  The ones on the right are Rose’s children and the ones on the left are Daisy’s.  I tried doing the flower arrangements to commemorate each generation, however, I didn’t know they had a life span and would start producing flies. So they are all gone.  The way I will commemorate is by having birth certificates for each baby born.

Flax becomes a CHUNKY toddler! Oh, I thought the twins were cute, but he just has to be the cutest one of them all!  He is still learning to walk, so he is very unsteady on his feet so he wobbles around the house in such a cute fashion!

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How sweet! Gramma can read to all of the kids at once!  I don’t remember that being an option before so yay!!!  And then Ash goes outside to make a mess. Listen, buddy, that is NOT cool!

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Aster is growing up!  He is now a teen and the first thing he does is go destroy the dollhouse and then punch on Blarffy!  This kid is evil and I am just a bit scared of him!  He got a strong evil gene!  And I don’t know where it came from! I will be glad when he moves OUT!

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After getting his skills up to at least 3, Flax has his birthday!  He rolled mean. So weird how two good Sims can produce both an evil child and a mean one. But there you have it!

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Daisy is trying to get her gardening skill up, while Stewart sits at a kid desk for no reason that I can tell.  Then he goes out to disturb the bees.  He regretted that quickly!

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When it is love day and you are trying to have a good holiday, well, it leads to the most natural place.  I literally paused the game to cancel this autonomous woohoo because no one had taken any birth control.  No matter what I did, they still headed to the bedroom to complete their Love Day Tradition.

What happens????

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Stats to this point:


Still waiting for the seasons to change.  Need Orchid and Death Flower.


Gardening: Level 6
3 Weekly Outings: Nope, not gonna happen
Children: 4, with one on the way… yay! NOT!

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