The Garden: Generation 2: Daisy Maeda Fyres Ch 4

A little New Years Eve kiss that leads to more?

Hello, again, my dear, sweet readers.  We left off with the twins being born and then just a couple of days later was Winterfest!  They had a great holiday!  Except the twins who aged up this day and didn’t get to open any presents.

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Here are the twins as toddlers.  Belle became independent and Ash became wild!

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Between Winterfest and New Years Eve, Rose was continuing to drink and try to help Aster with his aspiration.  He is a sore loser!  This is the second time he threw a fit when he lost, but it is the only pictures I got!  Scary boy!

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New Years Eve comes around and this time it is Daisy drinking too much and giving the toast.  Rose blows horns to get into the holiday spirit. Ash makes a mess because he is hungry and tired, and gets scolded for his efforts!  Stewart is a little flirty and gives his wife a kiss at midnight and then they head off to have a little fun to bring in the new year.  Poor Belle couldn’t quite make it back to bed. Yes, back to bed.  She was in bed and got up to come into the kitchen and pass out.  Tsk tsk.

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After the holidays, it was time to buckle down and get to work on resolutions and skills.  Aster wants to be a better student, so he is working on mental with the science table.  It is safer for all involved if he pursues solitary activities.  Rose wanted to lose weight so she is working hard on that (she managed to complete her resolution!) and Stewart and Daisy wanted to increase a skill level.  So far, everyone has completed their resolutions except Aster, who needs to go to school first.  He is currently a B student.  I didn’t get a picture of Daisy, because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise!

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I am gonna end this update here.  Where we stand:


Still needs to find 3 more base plants: Bird of Paradise, Death Flower, and Orchid. Still waiting on the seasons to be right.  She did get dragon fruit the first day of spring!


Aspiration: Complete
Career: Level 7, Councilperson
Husband: Stewart Fyres, first friend
Children: Aster, Ash, Bluebelle, and Baby #4 is cooking
Charisma: Level 10
Gardening: Level 5
3 Outings with friends: Still a nope on this one.

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