The Garden: Generation 2: Daisy Maeda Fyres Ch. 3

Well, hello again!  Have you been waiting for this update? Horn Dog Stewart just couldn’t keep his hands off his wife.  And it looks like there will be an addition to this family right before Winterfest.  Can’t wait to see our next Nooboo!

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Seems I had MCCC set to no strings woohoo and anyone who walks into her bedroom was good for a little woohoo!  She did this twice before I realized what was going on. MCCC is really good for throwing twists into the game.

I was completely horrified that a “good” girl running for public office would do this!  Cheat on her husband??? What? And with a NOOBOO on the way!  Wow! Just wow!

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While we wait for the new baby to arrive, let’s see what Aster has been up to.  I will spend a little more time with these kids because I felt bad for ignoring the others.  So I will make sure they have at least Happy Toddler, and an A in school, both grade school and high school.  Aster managed to make Happy Toddler by the skin of his teeth!  He was working on imagination to get it to level 3 when his age bar started bubbling!  He got it in the nick of time.  Then went straight to the cake and aged up!  Didn’t need any more sad moodlets because we already had plenty from MCCC removing pregnancies (I don’t understand this, but it gives a sad moodlet to everyone who knows the person with a “miscarriage”). I think Aster is pretty darn cute, though I still don’t know where the blonde hair came from!

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Rose has taken to mixology and drinking rather quickly.  She is going to work drunk, so wonder how long her job will last?  Thank goodness she has already reached the top of her career, so maybe the powers that be will leave her alone. She just gets sooooo bored waiting for the Spring so she can finish her legacy requirements!

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Aster was a wild toddler, and he has turned out to be an evil child.  And to make matters worse, he wants to be a Whiz Kid.  So maybe an evil genius is born?

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Having a drunk mama and an evil child will not slow Daisy down in her march to be a politician.  She has a cause and she is going to promote it, even if that means she has to build a wall JUST to paint murals on it in her front yard!

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It’s GO TIME!!!  And we have TWINS!!!  Ash (got this from the ash tree) and BlueBelle (though I will refer to her as Belle, and she will be our heiress!)  I won’t always do female heirs, it just happened that way this time for me.  I am doing all the kids in the signature color this time and moving forward.  When Aster met the twins, this was the look he had on his face.  I don’t know about you, dear readers, but that looks evil to me.  I will have to watch him carefully!  He did have the sad moodlet from meeting his new brother and sister.

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We are gonna leave you right here for now.  Hope you were happy with this update. 😀

Daisy to this point:

Aspiration: Complete
Husband: Stewart Fyres, first friend
Career: Level 6, Public Official
Children: Aster, Ash, Belle
Charisma: Level 10
Gardening: Level 4
Going out 3 times: Does going out with everyone and giving political and inspiration speeches count?  That she had done a couple of times this week. But it is only Tuesday, so maybe? (Not one of my favorite things to do IRL, so it is hard to remember to do it in the game).


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