The Garden: Generation 2: Daisy Maeda Fyres Ch. 1

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Generation 2: Daisy

Traits: Outgoing, Good, Self-Assured
Aspiration: Friend of the World
Berry Color: White with Yellow accents
Information: You grew up in a loving household, making you a friendly and nurturing Sim who wants nothing else than to help others.
·         Complete the Aspiration
·         Reach at least level 7 in the politics career. Either Branch. Cause: Speak for the Trees
·         Marry your first friend (Stewart Fyres)
·         Have 4 children
·         Reach level 10 charisma
·         Reach level 10 gardening
·         Go out at least 3 times a week with friends


We are officially handing the reigns over to Daisy now.  We saw that she got married to Stewart Fyres in the last update so let’s start with what has been happening since then.  Stewart came into the household with no money, but he does have the traits of Family-Oriented, Active, Good, and Domestic. (He didn’t actually come in with those traits, but I liked them better than the ones he had so I took the liberty of changing them.)  Daisy has grown up with the traits Self-Assured, Good, Outgoing, Socially Gifted, Good Manners, Physically Gifted, Responsible, Incredibly Friendly, Scouting Aptitude, Happy Toddler, Observant, Collector, and Gregarious. Sheesh, that was a mouthful!  I think I will make her available on the gallery by herself with #GardenLegacy or under my ID dlwarren.

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Daisy and Stewart came home from their wedding and immediately started their honeymoon.  At home, with her brothers and sister, and her mother all still in the house.  They spent the whole night getting to know each other better.  I use MCCC and I turned off the option to try for baby, turned on risky woohoo, but set it to only 40% chance of risk.  So they can try, but there is no guarantee that there will be a Nooboo after some frisky time.  This time was negative.  Daisy was sad, but still happy because, well, you know, the house was still busy and she wasn’t really ready for another mouth to feed.  She really wanted to wait until the siblings had moved out.

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After all the siblings aged up and moved out, Daisy and Stewart did some more mattress dancing, and this time the test was positive!

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After telling Stewart (forgot to get pictures, but he was ecstatic!) Daisy went to tell her mother who was shocked, and not entirely pleased! What? Hey, Rose, get with the program!  This is happy news!  (Psst. I think she isn’t too happy because she is nowhere NEAR being an elder and hello… grammas are elders).


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Daisy joined the political career and chose Speak for the Trees as her cause.  Her first assignment was to protest in San My…. something or other, and to protest at a bar.  She did both of those things with Mama in tow.  I think Rose wanted to try out the new Alcohol Mod I downloaded because she was very interested in the drinks at that bar.  In fact, she didn’t leave when Daisy did. She stayed for a little while.  I didn’t see any difference in her so maybe she didn’t drink anything else after Daisy left (I left with Daisy).

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The next assignment was to paint a political mural and to discuss neighborhood changes to neighbors… Ummm, I am in Newcrest and there are no neighbors… What do I do about that? Oh, GALLERY!!!  You got a house for me?  Yep.  Malcolm Landgraab and Hakim Seddiki were yanked out of their homes and put into a house pulled from the gallery (by marjia: Shady Lot – Starter, $17,860).  However, she never got the option to ask about the neighborhood changes. So she just painted a mural… didn’t finish because…


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Baby boy, Aster Fyres, was born.  I will be spending more time with each child in this round because I am going to space them out a little bit.  Try to, at least. LOL I got risky woohoo set and they are also set to autonomously woohoo on their own.  So we will see how that works.

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Daisy stands on her requirements at this moment here:
Aspiration:  Level 4, missing charisma
Career: Level 4, Community Organizer
Marry first friend: Stewart Fyres
4 Children: Aster
Charisma: Level 9
Gardening: Level 2
Go out 3 times with friends: It’s Monday, give me a break!

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