The Garden: Generation 1: Rose Bishop


Traits: Ambitious, Loves the Outdoors, Vegetarian

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Berry Color: Red

Information: This is the founder of your legacy! From living their entire childhood in the smelly and loud city, they have decided to begin a new lifestyle in the countryside. They dream of running a farm to support the generations to come.

• Compete the Aspiration
• Have at least 2 children
• Have 1 dog and 1 cat
• Collect every base game plant
• Reach level 10 of the Gardening career
• Care for at least 2 cowplants throughout your life
• Max out the friendship level with at least one bee hive
• Reach level 10 of the gardening skill
• Reach at least level 5 in: cooking, parenting and handiness

I don’t know the Berry Challenge and won’t be looking up the rules.  However, I will dress each heiress in their signature colors as determined by the Berry Color.

We start with Rose Bishop, who has found a 50 X 40 lot in Newcrest with a beautiful Abandoned Barn Home made by Polar_Bear5678.  With a little tweaking, this will be the perfect home for Rose to start her new family in.  The picture below is the original with only the couch moved out of the kitchen, followed by the tweaks I gave it to fit my needs.

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I got Rose started right away on her Aspiration of Freelance Botanist by buying starter seed packets and planting the base game plants and watering them.  Then moved her around the neighborhood to see if she could dig up some money items as she will need money.  And since she has to get her cooking to level 5 at least, I started her on that skill as soon as she collected everything in her neighborhood without traveling anywhere.

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Ok, so I don’t play with Vegetarian enough to remember they don’t eat meat.

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Rose decided to go out and meet some people around town.  See the hottie standing between the tables? Yeah, he caught her eye quickly! That is none other than Akito Maeda and she couldn’t stop thinking about him.  She invited him over just to get to know him better, hoping for someone she could call her own.

Akito came over and they were hitting it off so well. They talked all afternoon, took some pictures and…

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well, it led to an activity she wasn’t quite ready for, but in the heat of the moment…

She did forget the first and most important thing when having a little woohoo with someone new…

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Though Rose was happy about the Nooboo, she wasn’t quite happy with the way that it all came to be.

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But Rose is an optimist, so she set her chin and decided that is was time to finally get a job.  She joined the Gardening career because she wanted to have her own farm for her future generations to enjoy. And thus begins the adventures of the Bishop family!

At this moment, Rose has been able to collect all of the Common base game plants, except Lemon.  She only has a Strawberry bush (or two or three) from the Uncommon base game plants and no rare plants.  She is level 2 cooking,  level 2 gardening, and handiness has not even been started yet. Wait until stuff starts breaking!  The first of at least 2 children are on the way and she has made it to the 2nd level of her Aspiration.  She is well on her way to accomplishing all of her intended goals for her life and hopes that her offspring can be successful with their ambitions, too.

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