The Garden: A Legacy Challenge

I am going to start this new legacy that I found from @cowplant-pizza, called The Garden: A Legacy Challenge Version 2.  These rules have been updated for Seasons.  I will be putting her exact words here in this post.

Hi guys, and welcome to my first ever Legacy Challenge! I spent an hour or so writing this challenge up quickly because I was feeling creative! I hope this challenge might seem fun to some of you, fun enough to pick it up and play it! Please tag me if you’re starting it and use the tag #garden legacy if you post pics! So, without further delay, here we go!

The Garden Legacy Challenge is a carried out across 10 generations of your Sims family of choice. This introduction to the challenge can only be used as a guideline if you wish, as I’d love for you to express your creativity by using this as a template. Please, sit back, relax and enjoy playing the game! :)”

For those who would like to try this challenge, here is the link I followed to her site.

• Money Cheats are NOT allowed
• Aesthetic CC and poses are FINE
• Needs must be on decay AT ALL TIMES
• Feel free to pause aging ONLY FOR STORY PURPOSES
• Your Sims must live on the SAME LOT for the whole 10 generations. A larger lot is recommended
• Any world is fine
• You may edit what your Sims look like in CAS if they fugly

Your entire 10 generations will be named after various plants you could find or have in your garden. This is inspired by the fact that your Sims will have a love for nature throughout all 10 generations, living their life on the family farm.
Each generation also has a berry color in case berry simmers would like to enjoy the challenge too!”

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