OWBC Skelton Challenge, The Kids

The Twins as Teens

Generation Three

So generation 3 is going strong.  We have 3 girls, Leila, Katrina, and Gabrielle. This is the last generation, as when Gabrielle becomes a Young Adult, the challenge is over. I am kinda sad that it is almost over.  But I will enjoy my time that I have left with them.  Let’s meet these girls.

Leila Skelton
Traits: Wild, Creative, Romantic, Art Lover, Happy Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, Creatively Gifted, Responsible, Muser
Aspirations: Artistic Prodigy, Painter Extraordinaire

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Katrina Skelton
Traits: Angelic, Cat Lover, Klepto, Goofball, Happy Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, Responsible, Storm Chaser, Animal Affection
Aspirations: Whiz Kid, Friend of the Animal

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Gabrielle Skelton
Traits: Independent, Outgoing, Perfectionist, Family-Oriented, Happy Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, Responsible, Storm Chaser, Domestic
Aspirations: Whiz Kid, Super Parent

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Generation Two

And we now have some toddlers in Generation Two! Meet Ashlee and Caitlyn! They will both be eligible for the Heir Poll and to become our next Heir! Which one will you choose? Let’s see how these two develop! Then we added two more singles, Amira and Raven. Amira is not eligible to be heir, but Raven is. Three choices will make this a hard decision! The decision has been made, and Caitlyn has been chosen as our new Heiress!

Ashlee Skelton
Traits: Silly, Hot-Headed, Happy Toddler, Collector, Dance Machine, Storm Chaser
Aspirations: Social Butterfly, Angling Ace

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Caitlyn Skelton – Voted as Heiress
Traits: Wild, Loves Outdoors, Genius, Happy Toddler, Collector, Storm Chaser
Aspirations: Social Butterfly, Best Selling Author

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Amira Skelton – Amira can not be the future heiress due to the color of her skin.
Traits: Angelic, Active, Neat, Happy Toddler, Domestic
Aspirations: Rambunctious Scamp, Master Chef

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Raven Skelton
Traits: Clingy, Geek, Happy Toddler
Aspirations: Whiz Kid

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And this completes Generation 2!

Generation 2 Heir Poll

Generation One

Juniper and Kengo have had a baby, Lyndsey.  She was born with beautiful blonde hair and beautiful skin.  Unfortunately, she was not born looking like mama, and as part of the Base Game Bonus, the skin color of the founder must follow her throughout the generations.

8/4/18 Lyndsey has aged up to Young Adult and since she is not my Heiress, she has moved out to her own home.  Here are her stats:

  • Traits: Neat, Good, Materialistic, Responsible, Physically Gifted, Long Lived, Scouting Aptitude, Compassionate, Good Manners, Top-Notch Toddler, Antiseptic, Muser
  • Aspirations: Body Builder (Finished), Big Happy Family
  • Career: Athlete Level 3
  • Available on the Gallery: Yes under EA Account Name: DLWarren

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Juniper and Otis then had a baby boy, Devon.  Unfortunately, he too has the wrong skin color!  And, of course, for the Matriarch Challenge, he has the wrong equipment.

8/5/18 Devon is working on completing his aspiration so he will be moving out as soon as he is done.


  • Traits: Art Lover, Erratic, Insider, Top-Notch Toddler, Responsible, Marketable, Entrepreneurial, Scouting Aptitude, Good Manners, Creatively Gifted, Creative Visionary, Storm Chaser Sim, Muser, Expressionistic
  • Aspirations: Painter Extraordinaire
  • Career: Painter Level 3
  • Available on the Gallery: Yes

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After getting back together, before Juniper actually dumped Otis, she and Kengo had another little girl, Marielle.  She looks like she will not be following in her mother’s footsteps on color, so I do not earn those 9 points for the Base Game Bonus.

7/27/18  And I was WRONG!!! YAHOO!  We have our next Heiress! Marielle!  And I am still on track for getting this bonus!

8/5/18 Stats:

  • Traits: Cheerful, Bookworm, Loner, Top-Notch Toddler, Mentally Gifted, Domestic, Scouting Aptitude, Responsible,
  • Aspirations: Fabulously Wealthy
  • Careers: Scientist, Level 4
  • Available on the Gallery: Yes

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This will complete this generation of children.

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