Liresome Bachelorette Looks for Love – Complete

Becky Liresome was lonely.  She really wanted a mate, but the options to meet a man were limited.  So she decided to apply for the Bachelorette program.  She got the news that she was the new bachelorette and her excitement was electric!  She met the seven bachelors and she had hope that her future husband was among these men.

The bachelors are: J. Huntington III, Paolo Rocca, Sergio Romeo, Travis Scott, Mitchell Kalani, Marcus Flex, and Joaquin Le Chien.  You will meet them as they are eliminated.


Becky moved into the Bachelorette Mansion with her 7 potential mates, and on Day 1, did the meet and greet.  They spent the day talking and getting to know each other, hanging out, eating and having fun.



After a good nights rest, Becky spent some more time with her guys until Noon, when she had to decide which bachelor was just not right for her.  The first to be eliminated was:

12-18-15_8-55-03 PM

J. Huntington III.  He never even introduced himself to Becky.  Not once in the 24 hours they were in the same house, did he speak to her or sit in the same room as her.  So Becky decided he must be the first to go.

After J. left, Becky and 5 of her 6 remaining bachelors hopped into the hot tub for some more together time.

12-18-15_9-40-39 PM

After a few hours chatting as a group, Becky hunted up Paolo Rocca to find out why he didn’t join them in the hot tub.  Chatting with him was a bit awkward, so she moved on to chat one on one with the other guys.  After dinner, Becky went to bed and the guys goofed around a bit before going on to bed themselves.


The next morning, Becky did a little flirting with each of the guys individually before making her decision on who needed to be eliminated next.  And the next bachelor to go home was:

12-18-15_9-28-54 PM

Paolo Rocca.  Becky and he just could not get past being awkward with each other and every conversation was stilted.  And when Becky flirted with Paolo, he seemed to get a bit offended.  So he had to go.

After the elimination, Becky and the guys got back into the hot tub for some more time to get to know each other.  Once Becky decided it was time to move on from the hot tub, she talked with each man one on one.  She tried to get them all to sit at individual chess tables so she could just make the rounds, but none of them seemed the least bit interested in chess or sitting still for any length of time, so she allowed all of them to go about their business and called them one at a time for an individual chat session.  By the time she was done, it was dinner time.  Becky thought this would be a good time to chat with them all again, but getting them all to sit at the table was impossible, so she spent time with the ones there, which were Mitchell and Joaquin.

12-19-15_9-22-58 PM


The next morning, Becky awoke with excitement and dread, as she knew that one of these men had to go home.  And she had started forming good relationships with all of them.  She took each guy aside by himself and did a little flirting before making her decision on who needed to go next.  And that Sim was:

12-19-15_8-03-18 PM

Sergio Romeo.  Becky and Sergio had a good friendship started, but the other guys were further along in their friendship, and there were actual romances starting to bloom.

12-19-15_8-04-32 PM

After taking some time to cry in the closet for having to send Sergio home, Becky and her 4 remaining guys got back into the hot tub for some more bonding.  After the hot tub group date, Becky pulled each guy aside to share their interests to see if they were compatible. Romance was blooming and it became difficult to keep to the task at hand because all they ever wanted to do was flirt and spend alone time with Becky.


The next morning, Becky thought it would be beneficial to allow the guys to actually flirt with her and to flirt back, so she spent the morning one on one with each guy, flirting and allowing the romance to blossom.  But the decision still had to be made on who had to go home.  And that decision on this 5th day was:

12-19-15_9-06-04 PM

Travis Scott.  Becky and Travis had such chemistry, and shared so many interests, but the romance was stronger with the other 3 guys, so he had to go.  After Travis left, Becky and the 3 remaining guys decided to play Don’t Wake the Llama instead of hanging out in the hot tub again.  Since Mitchell seemed to sleep in the hot tub, Becky thought the game would keep him awake and they could all converse.  When everyone got bored with the game, Becky pulled each bachelor away for some romantic time.  Not all of the guys were comfortable with kissing Becky just yet, so she tried other romantic options, such as embracing or holding hands.  Unfortunately, Mitchell walked in on Becky and Joaquin holding hands and got so mad, he wouldn’t speak to Becky the rest of the day.


Mitchell still wasn’t talking to Becky the next morning, so after a few attempts to make up,  with no positive response, Becky decided, with a heavy heart to let the next person eliminated to be:

12-19-15_9-44-17 PM

Mitchell Kalani.  This really broke Becky’s heart as Mitchell was the leading man from the beginning.  But his jealousy just could not be overcome.  Taking some time with the remaining 2 guys helped get her mind on what she was here to do, which was find a lifelong mate.  And she had to accept that Mitchell was not that guy.

The next order of business, since she was down to only 2 guys, was to figure out which one she was most physically compatible with, which means a make out session with both guys.  Unfortunately, neither one was comfortable with that idea, so she decided that a little snuggling and a couple of kisses would be enough to base her decision on.  First, she hung out with Marcus:

12-19-15_9-57-47 PM 12-19-15_9-58-12 PM

And then with Joaquin:

12-19-15_10-01-28 PM 12-19-15_10-02-07 PM 12-19-15_10-03-47 PM


The next morning, instead of spending time with the bachelors, Becky took some time to think about where her heart was and what she truly wanted out of a man.  Marcus was really into fitness, and he didn’t have a job.  He preferred to work out to actually work for pay.  Then there was Joaquin, who had similar interests and made more of an effort to talk and to listen to her.  But Marcus was HOT, while Joaquin was handsome.  What to do, what to do?  Finally, it was time to make her final decision.  The last bachelor to go home was:

12-19-15_10-17-09 PM

Marcus Flex.  There is something to be said for substance over fluff…Which means the bachelor who won Becky’s heart is:

12-19-15_10-31-29 PM


12-19-15_10-27-38 PM

Drinking a toast to each other for finding their true loves.  And, dun dun DUNNN…

12-19-15_10-30-16 PM

Woohooing for the first time!!!!!!!

12-19-15_10-32-07 PM 12-19-15_10-31-58 PM

Selfie Time!!!

12-19-15_10-32-34 PM

Love Forever After!



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