Avalon Legacy, Ch. 9

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Destinee can find no enjoyment in anything.

03-12-16_10-03-19 AM

Except kissing a new boyfriend.  Let’s recount.  She had 2 boyfriends and a girlfriend. That hussy!

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But the minute she is no longer with one of them, she gets sad again.

03-11-16_7-24-47 PM

So she tries to deal with it by caring for a living creature.

9 Destinee

Destinee Avalon – Generation 9 Heiress

  • Evil
  • Genius
  • Mean
  • Muser
  • Storyteller

She has maxed the Astronaut career and is an Interstellar Smuggler.

She is currently a Romantic Juggler in the Serial Romantic Aspiration.

She has maxed out these skills:

  • Fitness
  • Logic
  • Rocket Science

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