Avalon Legacy, Ch. 7.5

02-28-16_8-42-14 AM

Amaya gave birth to the third child up for consideration for Heir and his name is Holden.  He rolled Hot Headed for his child trait.

02-28-16_4-20-09 PM

As soon as Rowan maxed out his career, he came home and died.  He never even made it into the house.

02-28-16_7-02-43 PM

Cammie was devastated.

02-28-16_7-14-27 PM

I guess that is why she never moved when a fire broke out.

02-28-16_7-15-08 PM

Her depression was so complete that she couldn’t understand how to get the fire off of her.

02-28-16_7-16-24 PM

Having lived a mean and evil life, becoming a public enemy and The Boss of the Criminal World, dying by fire seems appropriate.

02-28-16_7-18-57 PM

Destinee was devastated by the loss of her mentor, her Grammy.

02-28-16_7-22-32 PM

This ends the 7th Generation and leaves the 8th Generation going strong.  Or are they? You know the saying, “Live by the sword, die by the sword”.  Let’s see how our next generation fares. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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