Avalon Legacy, Ch. 3

01-22-16_8-57-34 PM

Grayson met Eva and immediately knew she was the one for him.

01-22-16_8-58-29 PM

She wasn’t too sure of being a part of this family that all the crazy stuff happens, but…

01-22-16_8-59-53 PM

Their first kiss convinced her that it was worth the risk.

01-22-16_9-01-51 PM

After a little woohoo, and a nooboo on the way,

01-22-16_9-05-55 PM

Grayson proposed and she said YES!

01-22-16_9-06-10 PM

And was happy!

01-22-16_10-05-18 PM 01-22-16_10-05-44 PM

As soon as Colin knew his legacy would continue, he became an elder and DIED! The dummy!  He had just completed his aspiration of Fabulously Wealthy by the skin of his teeth, but he had not moved to the top of his career!

01-22-16_10-06-01 PM

Everyone was devastated, though Siobhan slept through the whole thing.  But she mourned the longest when she woke to find out she had lost her husband. Pierce moved out the moment he became a Young Adult to continue his fishing career.

01-23-16_1-40-35 PM

Eva gave birth to a little boy, Dominic, who rolled the Goofball trait and the Whiz Kid aspiration.

01-23-16_12-04-38 PM

Siobhan took to the treadmill to work off that extra weight that all the good food she had been eating added.  And to try and deal with the passing of her beloved.

01-24-16_8-33-58 PM

Eva telling Grayson there was another little one on the way!

01-24-16_11-33-17 AM

Ashly has arrived!  The first girl in two generations! She rolled Genius and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

01-24-16_8-53-32 AM

And a third baby will be coming along!  Grayson completed his aspiration of Musical Genius and chose Big Happy Family for his next one.  So a third baby fit right into his new goals.

01-24-16_9-48-03 AM

He loved seeing the belly bump!

01-24-16_9-14-03 AM

Eva had the Successful Lineage aspiration, so she made sure to socialize with her children as much as possible.

01-24-16_9-17-18 AM

And read to them, as well as help with their homework.  She is now waiting for them to become teens so she can continue her aspiration goals.

01-24-16_10-17-22 AM

Her materialism makes it hard to like the stale surroundings, though.

01-24-16_6-30-48 PM

After the initial anger at finding himself with a sibling, Dominic and Ashly became best friends and spend all their time together.

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