Avalon Legacy, Ch. 2.3

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Colin and Siobhan were settling into married life pretty well.  Siobhan wanted to have the house to herself, but her in-laws were still very much present.

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Ana maxed out in the Doctor career and Drew retired for the second time from being a Rookie in the Athletic Career.  He spent his time fixing things while Ana spent time cooking.  Once she became Chief of Staff, she retired and turned her attention to the Culinary field.  After reaching level 3 on that career and not having the fact that she was maxed out on her cooking skill make a difference, she decided she didn’t really like it so went to the Entertainment area and really enjoyed that.  While the elders where fiddling around being a pest to the newlyweds, a strange light showed up in the back yard.  Drew went to investigate.

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What the ???

01-17-16_11-35-16 AM


01-17-16_11-35-35 AM 01-17-16_11-35-46 AM 01-17-16_11-36-23 AM 01-17-16_11-36-30 AM


Nothing like being abducted to add a little life to your day!

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Don’t know what those aliens did to our Drew, but he is putting on some serious weight!

01-17-16_4-12-48 PM

SERIOUS weight!  And then the pain!  What the ???

01-17-16_5-35-22 PM

Oh, well, I see!  Drew was pregnant with a little girl alien, he named Tori Van Acker.

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Without her disguise and with it!  She was such a darling little girl.  Except she rolled the Lazy trait as a child.

01-17-16_6-18-37 PM 01-17-16_6-19-09 PM 01-17-16_6-19-23 PM

And she did not like being asked to do stuff, at all, like homework!

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Not long after Tori became a child, Ana died of old age suddenly, without warning.  It devastated the newlyweds, who cried for days, though inside Siobhan was glad to have at least one person out of the house.  Now why was Drew still around when he was WAY older than Ana?

01-17-16_9-39-14 PM

Tori became a teen and rolled the Mean trait.  She really enjoyed messing with Grayson… Oh, wait!  Grayson!  Where is Grayson?

01-18-16_5-48-24 PM

He became a teen, as well…  I do not like this look, so straight to the store we went to buy some new clothes!

01-18-16_5-54-23 PM

Much better.  He now has the traits of Glutton, Creatively Gifted, because he satisfied his aspiration of Artistic Prodigy and maxed out creativity, Bro, Muser, and Mentor.  His teen aspiration is Musical Genius.

01-18-16_3-15-46 PM

Finally!!!  After the abduction, he kept hitting on his daughter-in-law, Siobhan.  She kept telling him it was NOT appropriate and to stop, but he just wouldn’t.  Now he is gone, and she doesn’t have to keep a watch out.  With his passing Tori aged up to adult and moved out.  (I would love to play an Alien child to adult, but she came at the wrong time!)

01-18-16_5-11-32 PM

About that time, Pierce was born and became a child and he rolled Art Lover and Angling Ace.

01-19-16_10-28-47 AM

Siobhan’s aspiration was to be Leader of the Pack and she completed that Aspiration and turned her attention to being a Joke Star.  With that, she quit her job of Tech Guru, where she was a Development Captain, to go into the Entertainment Career, where she has become an Open Mic Seeker.  Colin is still working his boring job as a business man, in his quest to be Fabulously Wealthy.

01-20-16_10-41-32 AM

Dinner time with the whole family! This was a rare treat as Colin was constantly at the computer researching stocks and investing trying to get ahead.

Until Siobhan was abducted, too!!!  What is going on with these aliens???  No science by any of these sims and there is still two abductions!  I think there will be no pregnancy on this one as she has no signs of one yet.  But, I had to quit playing when she got abducted because I was a bit disgusted with the whole thing. 😀 So we shall see.

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