Avalon Legacy, Ch. 2.2

Once Colin found the woman he wanted to marry and have babies with, he wasted no time in knocking her up and marrying her.

She was surprised by her own feelings, the first time Colin kissed her.

01-16-16_2-12-26 PM

And taken by surprise when he proposed.  She was already pregnant with his baby, and she wasn’t sure if he was proposing just because she was pregnant or because he really loved her.  Should she accept?

01-16-16_2-27-58 PM

Well, of course, silly!  She loved him, and he would love her in time!

01-16-16_2-28-21 PM

The wedding was beautiful, though I don’t understand why no one dressed up since this was an actual Gold Star Event! Which caused some hard feelings with our Paragon of a Bride.  She was definitely a Fashionista but if no one else dressed up, then she didn’t have to either.  Though she had a beautiful wedding dress all picked out for this day.

01-16-16_3-31-52 PM

The whole family showed up for the ceremony, even though they had all lost the coveted Heir title.  Rylie even played the Wedding March for them.

01-16-16_8-28-03 AM

Ana broke the oven cooking all the food and the cake, but Drew, in his Confidence and high Handiness skill came and fixed it pretty quickly.

01-14-16_4-40-31 PM

And after all the festivities, baby Grayson was born and aged up to a child before anyone could really blink.

01-16-16_8-50-43 PM

When rolling his traits, he was given Glutton, just like his dad! And his aspiration is to be an Artistic Prodigy.

More on him in the next chapter.  He has just begun his life and I am excited to see what he can accomplish!

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