Avalon Legacy, Ch. 2.1

Having so many people in the house, it becomes difficult to get everyone together at the same time, but one time, it happened! And they were all eating the same thing.  That took some concentrated work to make successful!  When you have 4 teenagers and two busy parents, it is hard to keep everyone out of the refrigerator while Mom is cooking.

01-14-16_2-51-25 PM

Sierra maxed out her painting skill, and immediately painted portraits of everyone in the house!

Anastasia.  She reached the top of the Doctor Career, retired and went into the Culinary field as she had maxed out her Cooking Skill.  Now she is taking it easy and enjoying her elder status.

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Drew, right after he became an elder.  He has a maxed out Fitness Skill, so he has amazing recovery from strenuous activity. He recovers from working out best by Woohooing with his wife, Anastasia. He is currently a Rookie in the Athletic Career.  But I keep getting pop ups about it being his last days and to put his affairs in order, so there will be a funeral soon. 🙁

01-16-16_9-28-30 AM

The only way I could figure out to have Sierra paint her own portrait was by taking a selfie first and painting that. Sierra reached her aspiration of Painter Extraordinaire, and in the process, maxed out her Painter Skill.  Once Colin was named heir, she stuck around for a bit, until Colin could find a wife.  With her awesome painting skills, she wanted to make sure she could paint the new addition to the family’s portrait.

01-16-16_12-34-52 PM 01-16-16_12-38-02 PM

Rylie, who turned out to be a stunner!  She became an Entertainer, and had already become an Opening Act when Colin was named Heir and she moved out.

01-16-16_9-32-03 AM

Colin, our Heir.  He found his princess and married her and had baby number 1 of the new generation.  Colin has an aspiration of being Fabulously Wealthy, so he took a business job and has worked his way to Regional Manager already.  He met Siobhan at work, and promptly fell in lust with her.  Pursued her until she returned his affections.  They got pregnant and then got married.

01-16-16_11-43-53 AM

Siobhan Fyres – Colin’s Wife.  She came into the family with a Business Career, but after marrying Colin, she decided she could choose another career that better suited her, so she quit her job and took a job as a Tech Guru.  Much more to her liking.  She gave birth to Grayson Avalon, the first of the third generation.  Pictures will follow later of Grayson.

01-16-16_3-15-22 PM

Payton, poor neglected Payton.  He wants to be a Master Chef and was working hard at being promoted.  When he found out he wouldn’t be the heir, SHOCKER!!!, he immediately moved out so that he could find someone who wouldn’t ignore him like his family did all of his life!

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