Avalon Legacy, Ch. 1

01-07-16_9-13-24 PM Anastasia Avalon:

  • Quick Learner
  • Bookworm
  • Ambitious
  • Family-Oriented

“I just had to get out on my own! My parents were driving me crazy!”  Anastasia Avalon made a rash decision to move out on her own, and instead of investing in a small house, she bought a huge 50 X 50 empty lot.  Then made another bad decision by buying the Knight of the Octagon Table statue.  What was she thinking?

01-07-16_9-00-48 PM

Oh, well, the deed is done now.  This purchase left her with a mere 1800 Simoleons in the bank.  Nothing to do now, but meet the neighbors.

01-07-16_9-15-12 PM

And try to buy wisely from now on.

01-07-16_9-43-07 PM 01-07-16_9-58-37 PM

Anastasia was excited when she got the call that she had been accepted into medical training.  She started her new job as an intern, and had to mop puddles and research online.  But she got this!

01-07-16_9-54-45 PM 01-07-16_9-54-58 PM

After a little bit of settling into her non existent house, Ana decided it was time to find someone to spend the rest of her life with and who could give her babies.  After many rejections and multiple awkward encounters, Ana finally found the one.  She had to join the dating site, Legacy Loves, to find him, but he is perfect!

01-08-16_10-49-55 AMDrew Van Acker:

  • Romantic
  • Self-Assured
  • Active
  • Alluring

It took some convincing as he was more interested in quantity of dates, but eventually Ana snagged her man.

01-08-16_11-56-50 AM 01-08-16_12-07-21 PM

And he said yes!!  A quick elopement and Ana immediately wanted babies.  So she made sure they tried for a baby and SUCCESS!!  Baby number 1 is on the way!

01-08-16_12-07-29 PM

(I don’t know why his hair goes away when in his workout gear!)

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