Avalon Legacy, Ch. 1.2

After snagging the handsome, serial romantic, Drew Van Acker, Ana decided it was time for babies.

01-08-16_6-38-04 PM

This is Sierra.  She is the first born. Here she is posing for the camera, because Mom and Dad can’t seem to stop taking pictures of their precious child.

01-08-16_6-57-45 PM

Sierra is an Artistic Prodigy and is very creative.

01-08-16_6-50-16 PM

She is also conscientious about doing her homework.

01-08-16_6-51-48 PM

Even though Drew is a Serial Romantic and he would prefer to date many women, he has found a surprising joy in spending time with his first born.

01-08-16_7-21-50 PM 01-08-16_7-23-50 PM

Ana enjoys spending time with her, too.

01-09-16_2-41-39 PM

Sierra loves playing on the monkey bars.

01-09-16_2-39-08 PM

As a teen, Sierra continues to love artistic endeavors.  And expression.

01-09-16_11-20-56 PM

She loves having her picture taken.

01-12-16_4-22-10 PM

And taking selfies.

01-12-16_1-19-07 PM

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