Avalon Legacy, Ch. 2.4

01-18-16_6-35-39 PM

Grayson has become quite gifted on the Violin.

01-19-16_1-34-09 PM

I just wish he wouldn’t practice naked!

01-19-16_1-36-19 PM

Though his Aunt Sierra didn’t seem to mind much!  Maybe she enjoyed that way too much!

01-20-16_2-09-46 PM

Pierce aged up to teen during all of the naked confusion and rolled the Gloomy trait.  Who could blame him?  Grandpa and Mom both abducted by aliens.  He has an alien cousin and a Dazed Mama.  What else could happen? Why did I just ask that?  Oh NO!!!

01-20-16_2-10-39 PM

The brothers sure do look alike.

To Be Continued…


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