Liresome OWBC Chapter 1 12/29/15

My Founder:  Becky Liresome


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Becky Liresome found her true love, Jaoquin Le Chien, on the Bachelorette Challenge.  They moved into their very own home and got married.

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They were so in love that they decided to have babies immediately, so Becky got pregnant with her first child.

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Bobby Liresome.

Bobby was not what they expected.  Once he became a child, he showed some negative tendencies:

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Becky was very disappointed, because he was such a beautiful child.

12-20-15_7-06-55 PM

And he aged up to such a handsome teen.

12-29-15_1-40-25 PM

A such a beautiful man.

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But he turned out to be a Bad Apple.  So she just ignored him and got pregnant right away with another child, hoping this one was better.

12-27-15_3-39-09 PM

And this time: IT’S A GIRL!

12-27-15_3-50-24 PM

Olivia Liresome

This child was a much sweeter child.  She showed true Genius.

12-27-15_6-15-13 PM

And aged into a beautiful teen.

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Becky wasn’t done, though.  She wanted her perfect son.  So she had baby number 3:

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Oscar was such a sweet natured child.

12-29-15_1-51-47 PM

And turned into a lovely teen.

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Unfortunately, this is where their idyllic story takes a turn for the worst.  After Becky and Jaoquin became elders, they retired from their jobs as a Caterer and an Opening Act and settled into their golden years.

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They were enjoying themselves so much that Jaoquin passed away after a pretty rigorous woohoo session in the closet.  And Becky was so heartbroken that she ran herself to death on the treadmill.  Their headstones were moved to the Flamingo Garden.

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Now that the founders are gone, we need to pick a new heir/ess.


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