Avalon Legacy, Ch. 4

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Generation 4 has officially taken over the Legacy.  Meet Alma Avalon and Mike Meier.

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Alma Avalon

  • Outgoing, Romantic, Snob, Alluring
  • Aspiration – Soulmate – Complete; Masterchef, Not really working on right now.
  • Career – Business – Currently she is President (Lvl 8)

01-31-16_10-29-14 AM

Mike Meier

  • Creative, Ambitious, Good, Muser
  • Aspiration – Best Selling Author (Novelest Novelist)
  • Career – Writer – Currently a Short Story Writer (Lvl 6)
  • Writing Skill Maxed

01-31-16_11-14-01 AM

Here Alma is pregnant with Hallie.

01-31-16_11-05-55 AM

Hallie Avalon

  • Active Social Butterfly
  • Maxed out her Motor

01-31-16_9-54-04 AM

Poor Hallie can’t seem to get past death.  Grandpa Grayson died the day she was born, and now Grandma Eva is gone. She has spent most of her childhood sad.

01-31-16_7-26-40 PM

I thought for sure she would be evil.  Byron and she became partners in crime as children.

01-31-16_9-02-36 PM

Hallie as a teen

  • Romantic, Business Savvy
  • Teen Career: Retail – Sales Floor Clerk
  • Aspiration – Mansion Baron (Needs less than 100,000 on home value to complete this aspiration)

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Alma pregnant with Byron.  This one was rough on her.  She could never make it to the bed in time or the bathroom before she messed herself.  She was so happy to go to the hospital to have this baby.

01-31-16_7-33-45 PM

Byron Avalon

  • Good
  • Maxed out Mental

01-31-16_7-25-55 PM

Byron and Hallie became the best of friends, and partners in crime rather quickly.  They created their own Legacy Club for children and teens only.  This has been the best decision ever as their approved activities are playing on the playground equipment, experimenting on the science table, doing homework, and socializing with people. The boosts they get for their skills are also welcome.

01-31-16_9-05-50 AM

While the kids are improving by leaps and bounds, Alma and Mike work hard to skill up for their jobs.  Alma needs logic and charisma.

01-31-16_9-58-56 PM

Mike needed to skill up his writing, which he eventually maxed.

01-31-16_10-04-17 PM

Aging to teen didn’t stop Hallie and Byron’s friendship.  They continue to do homework together, play together and eat together.




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