Avalon Legacy, Ch. 3.4

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After Eva aged up to Elder, she went down to the local gym to mentor her daughter Ashly.

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She completed her Bodybuilder Career, came home and decided to play some chess.  Before she could do that, she passed.

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While her granddaughter, Hallie, watched.

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And now 3 generations have passed on to their heavenly reward.

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Eva Avalon (she has another name, but it is so hard to remember how to spell)

  • Athlete/Bodybuilder
  • Ms. Solar System
  • Aspiration – Successful Lineage – Complete
  • Skills Maxed:  Cooking and Fitness
  • Personality Traits:
    • Romantic
    • Hot Headed
    • Materialistic
    • Alluring
    • Frugal
    • Vicarious
    • Independent
  • Lived to be 203 on Normal Lifespan.


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