Avalon Legacy, Ch. 3.3

01-29-16_8-23-12 PM

Alma becomes a teen

01-29-16_8-23-37 PM

As does Tabatha.

01-29-16_8-32-12 PM

Kara decides that she needs to cook breakfast, and sets the stove on fire!

01-29-16_10-48-28 PM

Kara is so sure that she will be the next heiress that she goes out and meets Paolo in  hopes of him being her prince and ushering in the next generation.

01-30-16_7-11-43 PM

Alma was hedging her bets and met Mike Meier on #LegacyLoves and immediately started working on wooing him over.

01-30-16_11-58-11 AM

After a confusing and surprising poll result, Alma is the new heiress and instantly proposes to Mike.  She really loves blond men and was hoping for some blond children.

01-30-16_11-58-21 AM 01-30-16_11-58-26 AM 01-30-16_11-55-25 AM

He accepts and the seal the deal with a kiss.

01-30-16_12-18-04 PM 01-30-16_12-19-12 PM 01-30-16_12-19-10 PM 01-30-16_12-19-02 PM

The plan an extravagant wedding in the backyard and everyone shows up.

01-29-16_8-01-22 PM

Grayson becomes an elder around this time.

01-30-16_8-48-37 PM

He decides it is time to practice photography so at 2 am he is snapping pictures.

01-30-16_8-44-18 PM 01-30-16_8-44-54 PM 01-30-16_8-46-11 PM 01-30-16_8-46-46 PM

Tabatha enjoyed the attention.

01-30-16_8-47-18 PM

And the precious pictures of her and Grayson.

01-30-16_8-47-51 PM 01-30-16_8-49-02 PM

Until she didn’t.

01-30-16_8-53-39 PM

It took Alma several tries, but she finally got pregnant.

01-30-16_9-04-53 PM

Right after baby Hallie was born, Grayson passes away while practicing his guitar.  He has maxed out Violin and Piano and was level 9.5 on Guitar.  He was 4.5 on Photography, and Level 8 in his profession as Entertainer, with a promotion guaranteed when he went to work on this day.  He had reached his goal of Musical Genius, and was on his second aspiration of Big Happy Family.  All he needed to satisfy this one was to have 4 grandchildren.  He lived to see one.


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