Avalon Legacy, Ch. 3.2

01-27-16_12-35-16 PM

Ashly becomes a teen, and is working hard on homework and other endeavors to be successful.

01-28-16_2-31-39 PM

Kara also becomes a teen, and though she is a bit neglected and left to her own devices, she also  is working hard, when suddenly…

01-28-16_6-16-18 PM

Eva gets pregnant again… She just needed a child to reach their aspiration, and even though two of her children did accomplish this, it didn’t acknowledge those.  So another baby on the way.

01-28-16_5-46-51 PM

The three siblings did not want anything to do with a new baby.

01-28-16_6-54-49 PM 01-28-16_6-54-01 PM

And then there were two more… Alma and Tabatha

01-28-16_6-58-45 PM

The couple was so happy with such a large family, though I was stressing!

01-28-16_6-59-37 PM

Tabatha really enjoyed the Game Cube and wouldn’t stay out of it.

01-28-16_8-48-49 PM

Kara really wanted to get into shape.  So she asked Eva to mentor her.



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