Avalon Legacy, Ch. 3.1

01-25-16_3-44-03 PM

Siobhan tries valiantly to finish up her Comedy Skill so that she can max her aspiration of Joke Star.

01-25-16_1-17-50 PM

But she really needs to take a break to socialize with her family.

01-25-16_4-53-08 PM

Alas, she doesn’t make it.  With less than 70% left of level 9 before reaching level 10, she passes.

01-25-16_6-13-56 PM

This means that the first 2 generations have gone on to their heavenly reward.  Leaving generation three to soldier on.

01-25-16_4-42-10 PM

Eva is the most upset about Siobhan passing, and she decides to work out her sorrow in the game cube.

01-25-16_6-13-16 PM

Or by crying while working out.

01-25-16_6-13-37 PM

Grayson cleans up the cemetery while mourning the loss of his mother.

01-25-16_7-09-05 PM

Grayson and Eva cheer each other up.

01-25-16_11-29-17 AM

Eva decides to cook a ton of dishes while waiting for the new baby to arrive.

01-25-16_11-29-55 AM

Even though she is so sad that Siobhan is no longer around.

01-25-16_2-50-10 PM

Dominic is so sad, he won’t go to bed, no matter how many times I tell him to, so he passes out in the hallway.

01-25-16_3-40-54 PM

Dominic ages up to teen, barely completing the Whiz Kid aspiration in the nick of time, giving him the Mentally Gifted Trait.  He rolls the Genius trait and Best-Selling Author Aspiration.

01-25-16_1-35-30 PM

Eva cannot stay out of the Game Cube.

01-25-16_11-13-14 AM

Ashly completes the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration, giving her the Physically Gifted Trait, and now is waiting to become a teen.

01-25-16_11-42-28 AM

Time to find out what the third baby will be!

01-25-16_11-57-29 AM

A girl!  Meet Kara!  She rolled Squeamish and Whiz Kid.  This poor kid wants to dig for treasure, but gets so squeamish when she finds things that are icky.

01-25-16_12-27-05 PM

The two girls hit it off and become best buds, quickly.

01-25-16_11-34-25 AM

Though Ashly’s bestest friend is her stuffed animal.


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